Do you worry about driving with your children in the car?


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When I became a parent, I became increasingly anxious about driving with my children in the car. It’s the thought of them being completely dependant on me whilst we’re amongst other car users on the road who let’s face it, aren’t always reliable and driving with my children’s safety as a priority.

I recently did some research online to see if there are any parent friendly driving tips out there to reassure me and I discovered a very recent study done undertaken by a leasing firm of all people who took a look at this exactly worry of mine. My conclusion is always to drive alone with children only when necessary and to remain as calm as possible at all times.

The study findings are interesting

The study was done by All Car Leasing and is cleverly named ‘Baby Driver‘, presumably because of the film (it’s a great film by the way!). The first thing that becomes obvious is that I am definitely not alone with my worries about driving with children in the car – 0% of their respondents in the 18-24 age bracket said they weren’t worried which means that 100% of them are worried about something. 22% said their biggest worry was other drivers (same as me) followed by crashing the car themselves (18%) and making a mistake (17%) – again, same as me. They also found that women were twice as likely to be worried about getting lost than men. Instantly this made me realise that a sat nav in the car is not just a luxury but perhaps a necessity.

Use distractions

Now, I use distractions with my boys in the car and it’s a relief that 89% of respondents from the study did, too. Personally, I like to chat with my children and perhaps even sing to them if a good tune comes on the radio or I’ve remember their favourite CD. According to Baby Driver the most common method of distraction is talking and then toys, which makes sense.

Driving with children in the car is stressful

The study makes it clear that driving with babies in the car is really stressful and that more should be made to help parents out in this regard. Perhaps a word of caution to parents that if a car journey can be avoided then it’s best to walk or take another mode of transport. Why do I say that? Well, according to the study 1 in 4 respondents said they have had a crash in the car while the baby was a passenger! Sounds to me that the stress of the whole thing probably makes parents so anxious and distracted that an accident is more likely to happen! What do you guys think? Do you avoid driving with your baby if you can? Have you ever had a bad experience driving with a baby or children?

Baby Driver - Parents and their driving habits

Infographic: Baby Driver by All Car Leasing

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