Low syn wine? Hello Black Tower Deliciously Light wine range

Black Tower Deliciously Light range

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Just in time for the long awaited spring sunshine, (apparently it is on it’s way!) the popular no.1 wine brand from Germany, Black Tower have launched their Deliciously Light range.  Introducing a collection of 4 new wines that each have something in common; they’re all deliciously light in calories and in alcohol. 

Black Tower Deliciously Light Wine

The new wine range from Black Tower is ideal for those watching their weight or those wanting to reduce their alcohol consumption. At only 29 calories per 125ml glass (70 calories less than a standard glass of wine) and 0.5% ABV, it’s a great choice for those wanting to enjoy a drink but not the extra calories or the heavy head the next day.

What types of wine are available?

Black Tower’s new range Deliciously Light includes a white wine which has aromas of passion fruit and grape and is fresh and fruity to taste. A red wine has aromas of blackcurrant and spices and is warm and smooth to taste. A rosé wine has aromas of blackberry and strawberry and is soft and refreshing to taste. Finally, a Light Sparkling wine has aromas of peach and pear and is fruity and refreshing to taste.

Black Tower Deliciously Light Range Wine Sparkling

Listed syn values with Slimming World

I was excited to hear that the new low alcohol range has recently been listed with Slimming World. The wine has been through the testing phase with them and has been given a syn value. When you’re losing weight you don’t want to compromise your weight loss for having a drink or three. I’ve been known to saying “No” to a night out where alcohol has been involved as it was just easier staying on plan than going out. It’s great being able to enjoy the same great taste of Black Tower wine without going over my syns allowance for the day. It gives me an element of control which is something I need with my diet plan.

What are the syn values?

Deliciously Light Red Wine – 125ml = 1.5 syns / 175ml = 2 syns / 250ml = 3 syns
Deliciously Light White Wine – 125ml = 1.5 syns / 175ml = 2.5 syns / 250ml = 3.5 syns
Deliciously Light Rose Wine – 125ml = 1.5 syns / 175ml = 2 syns / 250ml = 3 syns

I’ve found the new range delicious. All of the wine has a nice refreshing taste with no nasty after effects. I really don’t like the way my mouth tastes after having alcohol. With this new range, I don’t seem to get that, thanks to the lower alcohol levels in the wine. My favourite wine from the range is the Deliciously Light Rosé which I really enjoyed. I can definitely see this drink making an appearance out in the sunshine this year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been persuaded to drink more of the bottle of red wine, it’s just not to my preference. I’m definitely a white and rosé wine drinker if I had to choose my favourites from the range.

Black Tower Deliciously Light Range Wine Sparkling


The new Black Tower Deliciously Light range is available from Ocado, priced between £3.50 to £4.00 per bottle. Please remember to drink alcohol responsibly.


Disclosure: I was sent the wine above for the purpose of my review. All words and images are my own. 

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