Alternative Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About History


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History has the power to be one of the most interesting subjects your children will learn about. Hearing real tales of one-off events and incredible people from far-out corners of the world can capture the imagination in a way that not much else can – but getting your child interested in the first place isn’t always easy!

As a Mum to two young boys, I know the struggles of trying to engage kids in learning – or even finding the time to do so. While a good book can still go a long way, combining education with exciting activities or family days out is a great way to spark their minds into action while enjoying a fun time together as a family.

Here are three ways to make your kids love history that don’t involve a classroom:

Give the Museums a chance

If you don’t visit museums much, the word alone can sound boring – but that’s often not the case. Most good museums today balance learning with doing with amazing interactive exhibits that will keep your kids busy for hours.

Places like the National History Museum in London can create memories that will last forever – and you might be able to find discount vouchers on websites like Discount London to help you save a little money too.

Visit a Historical Place

We all know that reading a textbook isn’t always the most fun way to learn. Taking a family trip to a historical site can be a great way to help them visualise some of the places they may have learned about at school and even act out some of the events that happened there.

From castles to cathedrals to mystical places like Stonehenge, there are amazing historical places across the UK. They’re often free to walk around too, so you don’t need to break the bank to capture your children’s imagination.

Take them to the theatre

Just as with magicians, puppet shows and funny characters on TV, children are drawn to entertainers. The theatre is a great way to make the boring seem exciting, and it doesn’t stop with Shakespeare – there’smore great historical shows going on tour all the time.

Check what your local theatre has coming up in the next few months and see if there’sany shows like Horrible Histories Live. There’s always ice cream at the halfway point too – that’s something you can look forward to as much as the kids!

Think about any family days you have coming up and see if you can fit in a little history.

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