Why Grey is the Best Neutral Colour in the House

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A homes interior design is particular to the owner. After all, everyone’s got a firm idea of what their kind of style is, and houses are arranged to reflect this. In this arena, there’s no right or wrong answers necessarily… except in one key place; wherever neutrality is concerned.

In this instance, the colour grey is that splodge of impartiality. It keeps the home light and interesting and adds a soothing aesthetic choice that’s wonderous to behold. It’s the best neutral colour in the house, and here’s why!

It Just Goes

Many colours are one hit wonders; they only work well when displayed alone. Of course, it’s also often the case that homeowners just can’t figure out why their own colour scheme just doesn’t quite click. Well, it’s often just because they need a splash of grey somewhere in their palette.

Grey is diverse and adaptable. It can be paired with almost any other colour to complete a room, and fittingly works well with either light or dark aesthetics. Because it’s neutral it works agreeably with just about any colour you match with, perhaps excluding a few suggestions like stark yellows or bright pinks.

It’s Warm and Calming

While some think grey is a particularly bleak colour (especially when looking at the sky on a rainy day), it can actually invoke feelings of warmth and calm. Matched with some brass, burgundy or crimson coloured objects, there’s a real sedate aesthetic to be unearthed here that’s perfect for when you’re looking to unwind.

This all makes grey perfect for areas like the bedroom, where for example some quality grey curtains from Direct Blinds would lull you off to sleep far more efficiently than some shock white blinds. It’s not harsh on the eyes, nor ugly to behold. In the end, the colour grey is muted and understated – perfect for a good night’s rest!

Perfect for the Walls

Because grey is a decidedly subtle kind of colour, this means that when it’s featured on the walls, it can better accentuate whatever you choose to hang up there. Framed pictures, white kitchen cabinets, clocks – they all have more attention drawn to them because of the neutrality of the colour behind. This is because grey is not a distracting or invasive colour, and thus works in tandem with the other items you choose to decorate with.

Consequently, the colour grey is perfect for the walls, but perhaps mainly in certain rooms like kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Certainly, the colour can feature in a living or dining room too, but it tends to work best in whichever rooms have the busiest walls. If you’re keen to hang something up and have all eyes upon it, grey is the colour you need to maximise the appeal of whatever’s up there.

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