Simple Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Much-Needed Upgrade


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Our bathroom can often be one of the most neglected rooms in our entire house. It’s usually last on the list of rooms to upgrade or renovate simply because we think that we don’t spend much of our time in there. As long as we can clean ourselves and go to the toilet, it’s usually enough and we don’t ask for more. However, given that upgrading the bathroom can be so easy and the drastic changes that a few simple upgrades can make, it’s never a bad idea to consider making a couple of cheap and effective changes.

So to help you out, here are a few simple ways that you can give your bathroom an affordable and much-needed upgrade.

New shower curtains

Shower curtains can get very smelly if they’re not washed on a regular basis. It’s ideal to have at least two shower curtains that you switch between, washing them at least once a week to prevent any kind of mould build-up. It’s a very inexpensive upgrade to make that has a surprisingly big impact on your bathroom, and you can get different designs that will change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Replace the fixtures

Not only does replacing the fixtures make your bathroom look more modern and luxurious, but it can also often solve issues such as low water pressure or a leaky faucet. There are plenty of websites like Tap Warehouse where you can preview all the different types of fixtures, and installing them can be rather simple if you’ve got a set of tools available and a bit of experience. If you don’t, then asking a friend or family member can be an option as well. Seeking professional help from a contractor is often a little too expensive just to change fixtures, but if you already have a renovation plan for your bathroom then picking out the fixtures is an option.

Get rid of old bathroom rugs and mats

The rugs and mats we use in the bathroom can quickly get damp, old and start to look worn out. Even worse, if they’re not cleaned on a regular basis they can start to pick up a lot of bacteria and germs. The ideal situation is to have two brand-new bathroom rugs or mats that you can switch between every week to ensure your feet are always pampered when you get in and out of your bathroom or shower.

Pack away clutter and keep things clear

The best way to ensure that your bathroom looks and feels a bit more spacious and luxurious is to clean away clutter. Ask yourself if you really need several bottles of the same shampoo or multiple bars of soap. Get yourself a storage cabinet or keep your spares in another room. Keep only what you need in your bathroom so that there’s less clutter around and you’ll start to feel like your bathroom is a lot more luxurious. This is an effective “upgrade” that doesn’t require any money at all!

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