If Ollie was to win at Crufts // And the winner is..

If Ollie was to win at Crufts // And the winner is..

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This weekend Crufts is coming to town. If you’ve not heard of it before, it’s an international canine event (a dog show on an enormous scale!) where the best of the best compete to be crowned the very best in their category. As much as I love to watch Crufts and am in awe of the dogs that can dance, weave in and out between poles and can roll over on demand, I feel for the other dogs that are just as amazing in their own little ways.

One of my favourite dogs is Ollie. He’s a cocker spaniel and he’s been a loyal friend of our family for many years. If Ollie was to win a category at Crufts, it wouldn’t be for his ability to heel, or his obedience when a piece of food gets dropped accidentally on the floor in the kitchen, it would be for his unwavering and excited greeting every single time I see him. He is the most affectionate and loving dog and never fails to make me smile.

A warm welcome from a dog like Ollie is all I need to make a rubbish day much better. It’s that unconditional happiness to see you that breaks down any barriers you’ve been holding up, he knows how to look you in the eye to see deep inside your soul to see how you’re really doing and the jump up with paws in the air for the biggest dog cuddle ever. It’s all you need to make you feel better, it’s no wonder they’re said to be a wo/mans best friend.

Ollie Cocker Spaniel

Whilst I’m pretty sure that Ollie’s behaviour is down to his intelligent and trusting temperament, his health and fitness play a major part too. Ollie is regularly walked with his sister Bella multiple times a day. Cocker Spaniels have so much energy so it’s really important to channel it in the right way and let them enjoy the great outdoors. Seeing them run around together in the back garden is brilliant, they’re so lively and full of fun.

Whilst they have plenty of exercise, they eat really well too. Ollie is fed on a diet of dried food twice a day. Grain free dog food is made without cereal which many dogs can be intolerant to. It’s a great choice for active dogs as just like humans when you’re eating natural, healthy nutritious foods, you’re going to feel full of energy, happy and content.

So whilst the rest of the nation watches their favourite breed on the television this weekend, I’ll be thankful for the unconditional love and joy that Ollie gives me.

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Emma Shilton

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  1. katykicker
    07/03/2019 / 9:43 am

    What a cutie Ollie is!

  2. 08/03/2019 / 9:36 am

    He sounds like such a lovely dog. I’m sad that Mikey wasn’t around for this Em – hugs x

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