How Weddings Have Evolved

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The outfits. The feast. The music. Who doesn’t love a wedding? For a long time, these events have adhered to a traditional format: a religious service followed by a reception. Usually, the latter would take place in a hotel or function room. But within recent years, different themes have emerged.

Although Brits are still required to marry in front of a registrar, receptions are more varied than ever. Specialist planners and expert jewellers can provide the main features. Now more than ever, the rest is left to the betrothed. Many people now opt for different kinds of venue. So, what are the main ones? We examine this here.

Barn Weddings

Converted barns are nothing new – and they’re not just useful for living in. In fact, several engaged couples choose to wed in them. Why? Mostly it’s because of their rustic appeal. This quality attracts a lot of people to these buildings. In addition, they’re most often located in the countryside – and this provides a pleasant backdrop for the event. Several also offer space for large groups, which makes them ideal wedding venues. And, of course, they convey a strong sense of homeliness.

Field Weddings

Do you love the countryside? If so, you aren’t alone. Most of us do. Some couples are so fond of green fields that they plan their weddings there. Yes, that’s right. Their wide spaces and views often deliver the perfect place for an open-air function. Many betrothed parties, for example, host festival-themed weddings out in the countryside. With a marquee, caterers and music, couples then have all they need to recreate the outdoor concert experience. Once this is sorted, the rest of the planning is completely up to them.

Other wedding types that are thrown in fields include open-air theatre, cinemas and even dance-oriented events.

Beach Weddings

Soft sand. Gentle sounds. Fresh sea air. Who doesn’t love beaches? It’s unsurprising, therefore, that several people choose to get married on them. And they don’t just look beautiful – time spent near the ocean could actually benefit our health. Scientists have confirmed that being near watery spaces can boost our emotional wellbeing. This mood-enhancing effect is most likely one of the qualities that draws couples to marry by the seaside. Usually, their romantic allure has a lot to do with it, too. For this reason, many couples that select this wedding option often decide to wed on private or hidden beaches. Coves, in particular, are chosen for their seclusive nature. Whichever kind of beach couples wed on, they typically deliver a clean, attractive space for the occasion.

Weddings can be great fun. Especially if they’re untraditional. Weddings are anything but boring. And with a diversity of themes available, they are more refreshing than ever. What will the next wedding you attend be like?

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