3 Tips For Flying With Your Infant

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Flying with children under a year old can be scary, especially if it’s their first time. While you can’t entirely control everything that goes on in the airport, there are some ways you can plan to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.

Don’t make the mistake of not preparing for this process. You need to make sure you plan ahead and take the right equipment. If not, your little passenger will have an uncomfortable first-time flying experience which can be stressful, and traumatizing, for the both of you.

Here are 3 tips for flying with your little one that you should never forget:

  1. Make A List of Essentials

It’s often that we as adults forget to pack essentials, so make sure you make a checklist to ensure you pack everything that’s necessary. Airports don’t always have baby supplies so if you forget something it may be difficult to get your hands on it later.

Use this list as a guide for the necessities:

  • Enough nappies and baby wipes for travel time duration plus 24 extra hours in the case of a delay or emergency.
  • Blankets! Be sure you pack 2-3 receiving blankets to use for naps or nursing cover-ups.
  • A change of clothes for your infant.
  • Nursing pads if you are breastfeeding or formula and bottles.
  • A couple of dummies, comfort toys, and a baby carrier.
  • Snacks! Consider Cheerios or puffs.
  • Ziploc bags are always handy for storing away dirty clothes in the nappy bag.
  1. Prepare Your Bottles Ahead Of Time

If you’re shy about public breastfeeding, consider investing in a breast pump to use before the trip. These extract the milk from the breasts painlessly, and it will be easier for you to pull out a ready-to-go bottle on the go. However keep in mind that TSA (US Homeland Security) does not allow travelling with more than 3 oz. of liquid, which means you can only bring a certain amount.

A solution is to prepare the bottles ahead of time with the powder only. TSA allows formula and juices to go through. They will just test the formula using a scanner. To prevent delays, prepare them ahead.

You can also bring the pump with you to use during travel. Breastfeeding on a plane may not sound ideal, however, it’s not as bad as you think. If you wish, you can pump milk and bring it onto the airplane after TSA scans it with a hand-held device. This is completely safe and common.

If you choose to breastfeed on the plane, which is completely normal, bring 2 safety pins to pin the receiving blanket to the seat in front of you and your own seat. This will give you privacy by creating a curtain. Your seatmate should understand that this is common during a flight with an infant.

  1. Car Seat Or No Car Seat?

If you have a baby under the age of 2, you don’t need to buy a ticket for them. They will, however, be sitting on your lap the entire flight.

If you decide to purchase a ticket for them, we recommend you bring the car seat with you. You’ll use it in the same way you would in a vehicle. This is the safest way to travel with them and will keep you from holding them the entire flight.

Some people consider carrying the car seat with them a pain, especially if they don’t have someone to help them carry everything. Keep in mind you’ll have your things, your babies, and the car seat.

These Tips Will Make Your Journey Smoother

Keeping these things in mind will make the process of flying with your baby so much easier. When traveling with an infant seems like a tedious and overwhelming process, use these 4 tips and the flight will be a breeze!

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