Top Ideas to Surprise Your Partner on Your Anniversary


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Valentine’s Day always comes with endless expectations. Some say that it’s all a big set up for inevitable disappointment, but you needn’t adopt this pessimistic mindset. If you’ve got kids and you’re still willing to set some time aside for your partner on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or your wedding anniversary, your relationship is working. You’re willing to surprise your partner, which is a good step to a special and memorable day.

Of course, it can be hard to settle on one idea. Which is the best? Are any of the ideas worthwhile? Have you thought far enough outside the box? Well, fret no more!

Here are some of the top ideas to surprise your partner on your anniversary!

Feel Good Gifts

Let’s face it, we’ve seen it all before; necklaces, jewellery, cards, flowers. It’s all a bit generic, isn’t it? You can’t go wrong with these gifts of course, but still, it’s important that you stay focused on the surprising side of things here. There’re more feel-good gifts out there than the usual suspects!

For example, Neom Organics offer a great range of de-stress products, from essential oils to scented candles. These kinds of goods are long lasting and can improve people’s quality of life for a good while. In the end, it’s something they can get a recurring and practical use from, so definitely consider shopping here.

Physical Activity

While lounging around with a pizza and a film is a valid way to spend an evening with your partner, things can’t stay this way forever. Every now and then, a bit of outdoorsy stimulation is needed to shake things up a bit. Take note here, because if you can brave wild terrain and have fun-filled adventures together, then there’s nothing you two can’t overcome.

Perhaps you could go on a famous hiking trail, or go camping in a remote, private location together. You’ll get some exercise, work as a team building your campsite, and you may just share a laugh or two along the way while witnessing stunning views of sweeping valleys! Swap out the tedious restaurant for some activity; there’s only so much mileage you can get out of eating pasta at a table somewhere anyway.

Lay Yourself Bare

Of course, you needn’t spend a penny for a surprise, and not every idea comes with a price tag. You can take your partner out to lavish meals, book expensive hotel rooms, and go for romantic strolls on the beach all day. Therefore, behaviour is the thing that will make or break your big day!

Consequently, if you’re someone who likes to be cagey with their emotions, don’t be! There’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s willing to grow or change slightly for the sake of their partner. You needn’t be cheesy because let’s face it; not everyone has the charisma of Hugh Grant! Still, if you can articulate your emotions in a touching way, you might just win some relationship points. Remember, relationships aren’t just about romance, they’re about working as a team too. Your words and actions needn’t be corny, just heartfelt and genuine.

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