Three weeks in, slowly gaining control // Slimming World update

She believed she could so she did

It’s just been over three weeks since I went back to Slimming World so it’s still very early doors but I wanted to write a little update as a record (for myself really or anyone who may be interested) as to how I’m getting on. There has been weightloss, willpower and self-control slowly creeping back! 

One of the main things I struggle with at home is having access to all the naughty stuff in the house (think Christmas chocolates, sweets, crisps, biscuits, we still have it all). As much as it’s easier to say we can’t have the nice things at home so I won’t eat them, Shilts and Olly still want to be able to eat treats every now and then so I can’t really do that. I’m having to re-learn self control which means limiting myself with things that aren’t on plan and re-learning all the yummy things I can have in moderation on plan.

Self control

My biggest hurdle with losing weight is my own self control. I’m an emotional eater. I’ve used food as reward and ‘treated’ myself to things that I have enjoyed in a matter of minutes then spend all night feeling guilty about eating it. Last year I really struggled with sleep deprivation and used food as my comfort. I was tired, I grabbed the easiest thing to cook or eat for lunch and it wasn’t very healthy. This year, I’m trying to be more aware of what I’m eating and why. Self control is such a big thing to conquer and although I wouldn’t say I’ve completely nailed it, I’m definitely making improvements.


I am also trying to claw back my willpower as in 2018 it was non-existent. I had just had a baby and my head was all over the place (I am blaming those postpartum hormones!) but with the new year, a new routine and no-one to look me up and down in the office, I am feeling much more confident about tackling the weight. I am saying no, making wiser choices and thinking about the food instead of just shovelling it in.

Weightloss on the scales

I’ve been back on plan for three weeks now and so far have lost 11.5lb. I am really pleased with my progress and can already feel a little difference in how my weight was affecting my health. I had previously had trouble with my left knee but in the last couple of weeks, I’ve not felt the pain when walking and feeling much happier about moving around with Freddie on the floor.

It’s all good progress, slow but steady and one that I just need to get on and do. I can’t wait to get back into some of the clothes in my wardrobe and be happier seeing a smaller face in the mirror.

Disclosure: I have previously been gifted cookbooks and other gifts from Slimming World but I have always paid for my own membership and will continue to do so. 


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