Our Shilton Boys // February 2019

Olly and Freddie February 2019

February has been a lovely month for our Shilton boys. It has been Olly’s birthday month so we celebrated with a joint 6th birthday party at a local soft play centre at the start of the month with Olly’s best friend and their friends from school and then we celebrated with a weekend of fun for Olly’s actual birthday weekend

We took the boys to the launch of the new Lego Movie 2 Event Days at Legoland Discovery Centre Birmingham. We have annual passes but was invited to a special preview before it opened to the public and Olly really enjoyed it. He met Emmet which is one of the characters from the new movie and he was really pleased.

The following day we then went to the SnowDome in Tamworth for an afternoon of Snow Play as we were a little gutted we missed out on the snow in recent weeks. Freddie wasn’t at all interested in playing in the snow, it was (obviously) hard fake snow and probably a little too cold for him. However, Olly loved it and ran around in the snow, making snow angels, throwing snowballs, tubing down the slope and enjoying the slide. The session only lasts half an hour which was plenty as it gave Olly his snow fix for the time being.

February 2019 Shilton Boys

Clearly impressed and loving life, ha!

The third week of February has been tough as Freddie’s been teething (again!) and not coping very well with it. He’s been in quite a bit of pain which has resulted in a lack of sleep and a lot of grumpiness, poor boy! Thankfully a new tooth has popped up in the last day or two so I am hoping he won’t be so grumpy!

It’s half term for us here week and I am so pleased. Olly’s been really unsettled at school since his birthday and we cannot work out why. He did have a few days of upset when some of his friends were calling each other names which he took personally but we thought we had sorted that. He spent the last three days at school saying he felt sick (as in feeling sick with worry not sick with actual sick) and it’s really put a dampener on the week. We’re hoping whatever it is that is worrying him gets forgotten or he deals with because it’s so upsetting to see him so bothered by it.

We have plans to enjoy the more relaxed pace of life, no rushing to eat breakfast and get dressed and out the door by 8:40am, there (probably) won’t be any lie-ins but there should be less shouting and nagging by me!

Olly and Freddie February 2019

Today (Sunday) we had a lovely afternoon at Sandwell Valley Country Park. We met up with a photographer who I’m working with on a blog collaboration (coming soon!) and she took some lovely photographs of us all. Whilst she was taking her photographs, I was able to take some too and I love how my iPhone camera photos have turned out so hers will no doubt be amazing!


Olly and Freddie February 2019

Olly and Freddie February 2019

I really enjoyed getting out in the fresh air this afternoon so hope to do more of that in the next few months as spring arrives.

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