Our Shilton Boys // January 2019

Boys Brothers

It’s been one whole year since I joined in with the Siblings project where we get to document the months as they whizz by for my boys. Since Freddie joined us last January, these brothers have become the best of friends, they’ve had their moments but on the whole it’s been wonderful to watch their relationship develop. 

Over the last month we’ve had Christmas and Freddie’s First Birthday. The boys both had a fantastic Christmas, we had to do things a little differently to accommodate Freddie’s naps and bedtime routine but Olly adjusted well and didn’t really grumble. They both had lots of gifts and loved spending time with each other and the rest of the family.

Fast forward to January and we’ve had Freddie’s birthday and Olly has reluctantly gone back to school. He was upset at leaving us a couple of mornings as the realisation hit that he can’t stay in his pjs and play on the PS4 for an hour each day! Freddie’s certainly missing him and his face lights up each afternoon when we go and fetch him from school. I love the way Olly plays and interacts with Freddie without me asking. He’ll give Freddie a toy to play with or build up blocks for Freddie to knock over. He really is the best big brother.

Just this morning as we were waiting on the cold and wet school playground, I caught a glimpse of Olly and Freddie holding hands. It wasn’t an accidental touch of the hands, they were holding hands, fingers linked and it was wonderful. I love seeing these little things that don’t mean anything to anyone else but make my heart swell and my eyes leak a little.

holding hands brothers

We have an exciting year ahead. Freddie has started walking which means he is now mobile, and rather  fast. I have baby gates on some of the doors so he can’t escape and he even tried to master climbing the stairs over the Christmas holidays, cue a baby gate being put there too! He’s also teething and waking up loads in the night which is exhausting but something babies do. Hopefully they’ll be through in the next few weeks and we’ll get a full nights sleep again.

Olly turns six next month and he’s having a party at a soft play centre with his school friends. He’s having a joint birthday party with his best friend Maisie which will be fantastic for them both. It’s the first ever party we’ve done for him (we’ve only ever had mini family ones) so this one is a big deal! I can’t believe he’s nearly six! He has more Lego and Playmobil on his birthday list which is typical for Olly, he can’t get enough of it. I need storage solutions for it all!

Boys Brothers

I’m looking forward to more moments like this over the next few weeks, they’re so cute together!

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  • Reply Helen - from Mummy to Mum 15/01/2019 at 9:27 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I’ve never heard of the sibling project – off to have a look now

  • Reply thereadingresidence 16/01/2019 at 10:59 am

    Gorgeous photos, Olly does sound like the best big brother. I just can’t believe Freddie’s already one and then I spotted him walking on your Stories the other day – he’s looking so grown up! x

  • Reply Collins Michael 16/01/2019 at 10:10 pm

    I am so glad your boys had a fantastic Christmas and are developing a unique relationship. Kinda reminds me one growing up with my brothers.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of information online .

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