Tips for Refreshing Your Home for Spring


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With Spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start planning ways in which you can refresh your home to welcome this lovely season and mark the end of the harsh winter months. Spring is a season that is all about colour and life which means that it can be fun to work into your interior design style and there are many effective ways that you can go about doing this.

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Bright Colours

First, adding bright colours to the colour scheme can work well for breathing new life into the room and making it more attractive and fun. A few good colours for this time of year include sky blues, yellows, reds, purples and oranges. This does not have to involve painting the walls as simply injections of colour here and there can make a big difference particularly when contrasted against white.


You will want to tuck away the big winter throws and consider replacing your furniture with items which are inviting, colourful and in tune with the rest of your interior design style. Heal’s is a great place for picking up stylish armchairs which are ideal for relaxing on during the Spring and warmer months of the year.

Embrace the Outdoors

One of the best aspects of Spring is the fact that the outside world suddenly becomes a lot brighter, fresher and more enticing. You will want to make the most of this by keeping your windows open during the day (remember to clean them too!) and by replacing thick winter curtains with lighter blinds.


Leading on from this, you can bring the outside in and add plenty of colour and life with flowers throughout the home. In addition to adding visual appeal, these can also help the home to smell nicer too (more on this to below).


Spring is a season that is all about freshness and this means that you need to think about fragrance  when it comes to interior design – scent can be a powerful tool when it comes to how you feel when you enter a room. In addition to flowers, you could use air fresheners, reed diffusers and candles for an inviting smell. You also need to keep the house clean to keep it smelling fresh!

Spring is a lovely time of the year especially after the harsh winter months. As such a different season to winter, you will want to find ways to refresh your home for this season and the above are just a few effective ways for doing this that can be easy to implement. Spring is all about colour, life and light and this can be both fun and easy to work with when it comes to interior design and creating a stylish and attractive space.

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