The Me and Mine Project // January 2019

January 2019 Me and Mine

The first Me and Mine of 2019. I’m going to continue taking photographs of my family for the Me and Mine Project this year as it’s a brilliant way to see the boys grow and it’s a great way of ensuring there are plenty of family photographs to look back on, print off and display around the house. They make me so happy! 

This month Mummy has;

  • officially finished at her HR job and is now completely self-employed. The weight has been lifted and I feel free. I am a little disappointed (yet unsurprised) that I didn’t get any recognition leaving as I left after nearly 10 years working there but I think that says it all really! A new chapter awaits.
  • Pulled off (with her friend Lucy) a brilliant first birthday party for our Freddie’s. We had a joint birthday party with a circus theme and it was lovely to see all our family and friends. The boys had an epic birthday cake and we’ve now vowed never to have individual parties again as it’s so much easier sharing the work!
  • started work on her Family Command Centre. There’s a few more things to finish off but it’s so good having everything in one place.
  • finally had her hair cut and coloured. The grey is gone and I feel much happier with it.
  • loved seeing friends and cannot wait to make more plans with them this year.
  • worked on some good brand blog posts including NeosSmartCam, Frylight and McDonalds first ever veggie happy meal.

January 2019 Me and Mine

This month Olly has;

  • been awarded STAR OF THE WEEK three weeks into the school year. He has been fantastic going into school and overcoming his anxiety and we are so proud of him for really trying his best.
  • loved going to the Autosports International Show with his Daddy. Olly loves BTCC racing cars and Formula One and was able to meet some of the racing drivers of some BTCC cars. He now wants to be a rally driver when he’s older!
  • been enjoying his Christmas presents with Lego and his PS4 games being particular favourites!

This month Freddie has;

  • turned one years old! My baby is ONE and is doing so well.
  • started to walk more independently and walks more than he crawls now
  • got his first pair of shoes fitted from Clarks and is a whopping 4.5H (H is the widest fitting they make!)
  • had his first birthday party and loved it. We had soft play and party games and loved playing with all the children and the soft play equipment.

January 2019 Me and Mine

This month Daddy has;

  • enjoyed getting his DJ ears back. He bought himself some decks with his Christmas money and he’s loved getting them out and mixing music again. It’s been a couple of years since he last did it but has loved losing himself in music again.
  • loved going to the Autosports International Show with Olly at the NEC
  • been happy about making more progress on the house renovations
  • enjoyed the new season of Darts and seeing his friends for a pint or two whilst they play.

January 2019 Me and Mine

February is Olly’s birthday month and we’re kicking it off this weekend with a joint birthday party (they are the future!) with one of his best friends from school. Half term is coming up and we are off to Cornwall and there’s even the promise of some snow. Have a great February everyone!

P.S If you don’t already, share your photographs of your family on the last day of the month over on instagram with #meandmineproject

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