19 goals for 2019

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Happy New Year! I loved reading other goal setting posts last year but with the impending birth of our second baby, I thought I had enough to keep me busy for the year. Now he’s nearly one (sob!) and I have a bit more time (ha!) I thought I’d write down some goals for the new year ahead. Something to keep me on track and tick off, I do love a good list! 

19 goals for 2019

My goals for the year ahead I hope are achievable, I don’t want to set myself up to fail, I want to be able to tick things off and feel accomplished and I’m hoping writing them here will mean I have to get on and do them.

1. Declutter my wardrobes

I have been wanting to do this for a few months but haven’t had the space to do it. Although Freddie still sleeps in our bedroom and will be for the foreseeable, I need to make more room for the things I use and this means moving out his cot and having a really good sort out. I have dresses I no longer fit in to, work clothes that I intend to never wear again and maternity clothing that I’ll never need again. I’ll sort them out and send some to the charity shops, put a few on eBay (ones with tags) and recycle others that are fit for the bin.

2. Rejoin Slimming World

Last year I gained weight and although I was conscious of doing it, I didn’t have the headspace to cut back and really get back on my diet. I know I need to lose weight and I know Slimming World works for me. I need to commit time to focus on it and now Freddie is a little bit older he’s not so demanding on my time. I’m going to rejoin next week after Freddie’s birthday as we have a party coming up and far too much chocolate and other Christmas goodies in the house to ignore!

3. Lose at least 3 stone

I need to lose a lot of weight. For me. For me to be healthy, for me to fit into smaller clothes, feel good about myself and not hate what I see in the mirror. Without setting myself up to fail, I’m going to aim to lose at least 3 stone. I need to lose more but I’ll be happy to lose 3 stone initially!

4. Walk three times a week

I’ve become a creature of habit and will happily stay in my pjs all day if I know I don’t need to go out anywhere. When Olly is at school I’ll always get dressed and walk him to school but the school run only takes three minutes and its not much of a walk so I’m going to get Freddie in the pushchair and walk, walk, walk in the afternoon before collecting Olly from school.

5. Get back to regular meal planning

We’ve been winging the meal prep over the Christmas weeks as we’ve not really been at home to use up the freezer stocks but with the new year comes new motivation to get planning and more prepared and every Sunday we’ll meal prep for the week ahead and stick to it. It’ll help when I’m back on SW too as we never strayed off the meal plans when I was more determined to lose weight.

6. Sort out the boys clothes

I have bags of clothing from when Olly was little as I haven’t thrown any of it away. They’ve all been kept in the loft just in case we had anymore children and now we have our little Freddie, I need to get them down and sort through them and either keep stuff or donate it to someone else. I’ve not yet thrown Freddie’s baby clothes away either so I need to sort them out too. I also have a big bag of brand new clothes with tags on so I might try and sell those to raise some funds for Freddie’s future wardrobe!

7. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator

I want to create my own planner and organisational printables as a side line to my blog and to make them I need to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator properly. It’s a package I don’t know anything about yet. I have tinkered with it and edited a couple of things but it’s something I want to teach myself how to use.

8. Finish creating my home command centre

It’s such an American thing but I love them. A command centre is an area of your home which you dedicate to being organised. I have a monthly calendar and a wipe board up already in our kitchen and I’ve bought some storage for other things like take away leaflets, address book, prescriptions, medical paperwork for Shilts and the boys. I’ll blog about it when it’s finished and it’s looking how I intend it to look and function.

9. Get to bed early (10pm) at least once a week

The only way I get my work done is when my boys are in bed and are asleep. This often means I stay up late to get work done and end up getting about 5 hours sleep which I know I can’t really function on forever so I’m hoping to have one free night a week and get to bed early (10pm) at least once a week.

10. Create a weekly routine

I’ll be working from home this year around the boys being at school and at home so I need to create a weekly routine that fits in with what we want to achieve. I want to go back to Slimming World, I want to go swimming at least once a week, I want to take Freddie swimming, I want us to enjoy family Sundays instead of cramming in the food shop and then running out of time to do anything.

11. Pull of the party of the year for my Mom’s birthday

My lovely Mom has a bit of a milestone birthday this year and for the first time ever she’s agreed to a party. Me and my sister are organising it for her and we’re inviting all her friends and family for a big celebration and I’m so looking forward to it. We have designed the invites, we have a Facebook group already and we have found the caterer and the cake we’d like. All we need to do is pull it off!

12. Look after myself more

Last year I didn’t really look after myself properly and regularly went without lunch, didn’t get my hair cut or my eyebrows threaded for months. I’m definitely not high maintenance but I’d like to give myself more time to do things that make me feel better; a hair cut, a long soak in the bath, paint my nails, shave my legs, use a face mask, treat my hair to a good condition, little things that will make a difference!

13. Get the bathroom finished

Our new bathroom suite is beautiful. It’s really made such a difference to the room but we ran out of time last year to get it completed before Christmas. The room needs a good lick of paint, a new pair of curtains, a new mirror and cabinet, and some nice accessories to finish it off. We still have a carrier bag of toiletries sitting in Olly’s bedroom as we have nowhere to put them!

bathroom 2018

14. Earn enough to afford a holiday

It always intrigues me when people ask where we’re going on holiday this year as if it’s a given. Affording a holiday isn’t easy. It means we have to set aside any disposable income and save up. With Olly at school we have to take holidays in the school holidays which is expensive as we all know holiday companies put up their prices to take advantage of demand. I would love to be able to earn enough from my self-employment this year to afford to take us on holiday somewhere nice, somewhere we don’t have to prepare breakfast and someone else does the dishes!

15. Network more

This is something that I’m not yet comfortable doing but I need to be brave this year and put myself out there. I need to network with other bloggers, brands and businesses to get more work for myself and make a go of this self-employment life.

16. Stop wasting time on other people who don’t make time for me

I saw this goal on Colette’s blog post 18 things for 2018 and actually it’s something that I need to do. I sometimes worry why I’m not popular, why I don’t get texts invited me out to lunch or weekends away and I spend a lot of time worrying why I am the point of the problem. I know I’m nice, I’m loyal, a good friend and I’m far too generous with my time so this is going to stop as friendships are two-way!

17. Concentrate on engagement and not the numbers

Being a blogger for TEN years now (wow!) I have being built up a decent number of followers and for a while it was something that brands wanted to know about. Much more recently as my content has changed with a baby and I’ve become less about losing weight and getting pregnant, my previously engaged audience isn’t as active (or interested) and whilst I have over 10k followers on Instagram, I struggle to get over 100 likes on my photographs. I’d like to change this and get good engagement on my posts.

18. See friends more often

I would love to see friends more often this year. I have friends up north in Manchester I haven’t seen for ages and I really miss them. They’re the girls I lived with for three years whilst I was university and whilst we still keep in touch, I’d like to see them more and catch up properly! Similarly, I’d love to see my other friends much more often and make time for them to make memories, catch up and have us time!

19. Spend more time with my husband

Last year was a very busy year for us at home and we didn’t spend as much time with each other as we both would have liked. I’ll be putting my phone down more, working less in the evenings and spending more time with Shilts.

There we have it. My 19 goals for 2019, wish me luck! Are you setting goals this year? Would love to know what yours are!

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