Spinning plates // Life Lately (December 2018)

Olly Christmas Tree

The last few weeks have been so busy. We have had renovation work at home both inside and outside the house and it has been chaos. Trying to keep my calm and stay level headed when the work hasn’t gone to plan has really tested me and I think finally only now we are on the home straight. 

Olly Christmas Tree

We have had the family bathroom stripped out and refitted, ripping out the leaking shower and moving pipework across the room. We only have one toilet so it has been a struggle but our lovely friends let us use their bathroom on a very frequent basis and I am beyond grateful. After two weeks of upheaval, two non-working showers, a broken radiator and unexpected leak into our dining room, boxes absolutely everywhere and nowhere for Freddie to crawl, the bathroom is now finished. The bathroom is beautiful and is a real luxury to have a walk in shower and a huge bathtub. In the new year we will paint it and decorate it properly but in the meantime we can enjoy a hot shower and use our own toilet again.

After much deliberation as to whether we could pull it off, we have had our outhouse converted into an office for both me and Shilts to work from home. I have handed in my notice and decided not to return to my HR job so I can stay at home with my boys and work as self-employed. It is something I have wanted to do forever so there is no better time. I cannot wait to be my own boss (officially!) and after nearly 14 years, be free of office politics.

The outhouse renovation is incredible and our builders worked through rain, sleet and freezing cold temperatures to get the work complete and it is brilliant. We’ve had a complete new roof, new window, new door, new flooring, the works. My Father-in-law has kindly painted the room for us and it’s amazing, I’m so grateful for all the help we’ve had. It’s such a brilliant use of space and will help transform our living space throughout the rest of the house. I cannot wait to get the desks in and start organising everything.

It’s been late nights and early mornings, trying to get organised for Christmas (who knew the elves don’t actually buy gifts at Christmas) as well as organise first birthday celebrations for Freddie next month. Washing and ironing still needs doing as well as food shopping and cleaning (which may have taken a backseat). I have so much blog work to get on with, it’s a good problem to have, I just need an extra 12 hours in every day to get it all done.

I’ll be showing off the office in all its glory as soon as it’s complete and I cannot wait to share with you our beautiful bathroom. I have so many plans for 2019, just a few more hurdles to stumble over and a few more presents to wrap and we’ll be sorted. I cannot wait to have a day where I don’t need to rush around all day. It is stressful and exhausting!

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