Looking After Your Garden in Winter


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As tempting as it is to hide away indoors over winter, our gardens are counting on us to survive. Putting in just a bit of work in the colder weather this season will mean that, when spring comes, your garden is in the best shape it can be.

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So, grab your cosiest woolly jumper and spend a bit of time in the great outdoors – trust us, you’ll be pleased you did in a few months’ time!

Give A Little Love to Your Lawn

If you have a natural lawn, it is unlikely that it will need mowing in the dead of winter, which is a nice bonus! That being said, it’s still worth taking some time to rake any fallen leaves or debris. By doing this you can keep it looking tidy and neat and avoid the lawn becoming slippy, particularly if it still endures a bit of footfall.

You could also take a little bit of time to repair any edges and give the grass a bit of a tidy up. By all means avoid the mower, but partaking in a bit of edging will keep your lawn healthy throughout the cold snap.

If you have an artificiallawn, you’re probably feeling quite smug now as it won’t require much maintenance over the cold months. Most high-quality fake grass is made with perforated holes for draining, so will withstand heavy snows or rainfall without becoming muddy or boggy.

Look After Your Tools

No doubt your lawn mower will have been relegated to the shed along with the rest of your tools. Don’t forget about them completely though! Show them some TLC by spraying them with a penetrating oil like WD40 to prevent them from becoming rusty. You’ll be grateful come spring when you find everything in perfect working order.

Cover Your Pond

This is another time-saving job that you will feel the benefit of when the sun finds its way out again. Inclement weather can cause our ponds to become chock full of green waste and garden matter, which looks unsightly and can negatively impact the health of your pond. Covering it ensures no nasties make their way into the water, and also gives the wildlife living in it a better chance of surviving any frosts as it reduces the chances of it freezing over.

Add Some Winter Beauty

It’s good to remember that your gardens don’t have to lay dormant over winter. There are plants and flowers abound that will bring cheer to wintery landscapes such as bay, laurel, viburnum, holly, violas, and English ivy.

Plan For The New Year

Finally, when you’ve finished up and found your way indoors again, warm up with a cup of something hot and grab a pen and paper. It’s time to plan your garden for the upcoming year.

Do a bit of research into the kind of plants you would like to enjoy over the next 12 months. Find out when they will need planting, what kind of care and equipment they will require, and draw up a to-do list for each month of the year to help you get organised.

If you’ve been thinking of giving your outdoor space a revamp with the addition of an artificial lawn or other landscaping features like a patio or decking area, start to have a look around at what’s on offer and request some freesamples so you can get a feel of what you’d like.

Our gardens should be a source of joy no matter the time of year, even when it’s from the comfort of the great indoors!

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