Freddie’s First Christmas Tree

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

For the last couple of years we have been gifted a beautiful Nordmann Fir from the lovely people at Pines and Needles. This year is no exception and we have been sent the most incredible tree and it is enormous. A huge 6ft tree, as tall as it is wide and it smells so good. So how do you keep an 11 month old baby away from a huge Christmas tree?

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

The delivery service from Pines and Needles is brilliant, they deliver when they say they’re going to and even helped my husband to carry the tree into the garden whilst we made space for the tree. It was reliable and helpful, just as it should be.

We had a stand for the tree from previous years so after retrieving it from the loft, we stood it in place in front of the bay window in the lounge and unwrapped the tree. If you buy a tree from Pines and Needles which is delivered, expect your tree to expand. A lot! We’ve filled the stand with water and let it rest whilst we put Freddie to bed. I did not want to add any more stress to my plate by decorating a tree with a baby around.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

Once Freddie was asleep, Olly and I decided to decorate the tree whilst watching The Polar Express. It’s something Olly loves to do and it was great to spend a good couple of hours with Olly on his own adding our favourite decorations to the tree.

After a couple of hours, we had finished decorating the tree which I’m sure had grown even more since we put it up, and it looked fantastic. We really enjoyed decorating it and looking at all the decorations that we’ve collected over the last few years.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

The next morning we introduced Freddie to the tree and he loved looking at it. Thankfully so far, he hasn’t tried to grab the tree or the baubles and he is in awe of the festive lights which I have swapped from colourful to classic white this year.

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

There is nothing better than a real Christmas tree, the smell of a real Nordmann Fir evokes so many childhood memories for me and this is something I want for my boys. I know Freddie is far too young to understand what it’s all about but smells stay with you and one day he might smell the a similar tree again and it might bring back a flash of a bauble memory or two!

Pines and Needles Christmas Tree 2018

You can buy your own tree from Pines and Needles here.

Disclosure: Thanks to Pines and Needles for sending us a beautiful tree again this year.  All words and images are my own. 

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