5 spectacular cake trends to look out for in 2019


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Cake will never go out of style. From sumptuous buttercream icing to a delicious chocolate sponge or a traditional cream filling, there so much choice out there. Regardless of the calories, we find our mouths watering at simply the thought of a slice of cake.


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Eating cake is even better when it looks just as good as it tastes and that’s why we’ve been on the lookout for the hottest cake trends coming to 2019. We have found five of the biggest trends set for the new year, so you can have your cake, look good and eat it. These cakes can be made at home or purchased from a professional but whatever you decide to do, you’ll know its on trend and tastes incredible.

Floral arrangements

Perfect for weddings, a cake featuring a full floral arrangement across its tiers is set to be popular in 2019. This design makes an impact and can easily be tied into the wedding theme. Some cake creators are already ahead of the curve, with the likes of Anges de Sucre creating magnificent towering spectacles – but the flowers are ALL edible as they’re made out of fondant.

Edible flowers will prove popular next year, tying in with this trend – according to the RHS, primrose, lavender, roses, sunflowers and daisies are all ready to eat and look incredible on cakes. Floral arrangement cakes lend themselves to trying new flavours, opting for lavender touches or subtle rose water additions.


After taking over the world of home furnishings this trend has moved into the world of cakes. Geometric cakes play with hard and soft features to creating striking patterns and daring designs. Patterns can be created with stencils and airbrush techniques, while some cake artists prefer to have fun cutting out fondant to create a structured, pattern effect.

A square cake will likely be favoured over the traditional round shape and hexagons are also proving particularly popular. Sharp triangles and uniform squares in patterns and fondant cutouts juxtapose the sweetness and lightness of a normal cake, creating a full experience.


For a true one-of-a-kind finish, hand painted cakes are the way to go and are gaining popularity now, ready for 2019. The name of the recipient, painted on in an edible gold paint and a calligraphy style font is proving popular, while dainty hand-painted florals and leaf patterns are also gaining traction – resulting in a truly bespoke, feminine cake. These cakes are best reserved for those who are big fans of fondant icing, as edible paint works best when applied to this.


Featuring shades of edible gold, silver, bronze or rose gold – the metallic look is sweeping the nation for 2019’s cake trends. These impressive, industrial-inspired cakes can adapt to pretty much any style.

There is something very chic about metallic cakes, whether you decide to cover the entire cake, feature it on one accent layer or add a handful of metallic details – it adds that extra bit of glamour and elegance to your occasion, especially if it’s a wedding. Whatever the style, the result is beautifully rustic and vintage, contrasting with what we traditionally associate with cakes.


Brides and grooms are embracing all things bohemian for summer weddings reminiscent of festival events. Macrame designs and dreamcatchers are playing a role in cake design, featuring as toppers atop tiers. For true boho style, pairing a naked cake with bohemian elements makes for a laidback but gorgeous style – which we’re sure to witness in 2019.

Naked cakes are essential tiered cakes that have been stripped back of all the fancy fondant. They do feature a very thin layer of buttercream but this is scraped to reveal most of the cake underneath. This trend is a fun way of taking this popular cake style and revamping it for the year ahead.

Ready to try these 2019 cake trends? Choose your favourite and create or order a cake that truly reflects you and your style.

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