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Can you believe it’s November already? Winter is around the corner and Christmas will be here before you know it! While it’s fun getting ready for all the festivities, it’s also an important time to think about your family’s health to make sure everyone can enjoy the holiday season. Take care of your family’s health this winter with these helpful hints.

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Step up your cleaning

It’s cold and flu season, a time that can wreak havoc on your family! Germs can spread easily at this time of year, so it’s important to stay on top of your cleaning and keep things disinfected – Dettol is your best friend at this time of year! There are all sorts of cleaning tasks to undertake this winter to help you keep your home as germ-free as possible, so do a little bit every day to keep your home cleaner than clean!

Eat well

Healthy eating is encouraged throughout the year, but winter is an even more important time to stock up on your vitamins and antioxidants. From helping babies to feed to sneaking extra vegetables into your meals, some hearty home cooking can be just what you need to stay well this winter. Make the most of your leftover veg by making tasty soups that are perfect for those cold days. Be sure to drink plenty of water too – dehydration doesn’t just happen in the summer, and the extra heating in your home will soon leave your skin feeling dry and dull if you don’t drink enough fluids.

Check your heating

Your heating goes unused for months during the summer, and by the time the colder temperatures hit – you might find it’s not working as well as it should. Carry out an inspection to make sure your boiler and heating are all in good working order, and get things repaired as soon as possible if not. If you need to replace your radiators, you can get some amazing modern styles for your home from Only Radiators. Getting repairs out of the way now will mean you won’t be stuck on a waiting list once the real winter weather sets in!

Get outside

While cosy nights in front of the fire are a lovely way to enjoy winter, it’s also important that you get some natural sunlight and fresh air. Put on your winter woollies and enjoy some walks in your local park or to run errands to help you get some exercise and some much-needed vitamin D. Take a look at some fun family day out ideas to help you enjoy some fun outside of the home this winter.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep

Sleep is very important for your health, but so many people fail to get enough of it – while others are guilty of having too much! If you struggle to sleep at night, try to eliminate the cause to help you get your rest. Make sure all of the bedrooms are right for sleeping by investing in some good curtains and keeping things quiet after the kids have gone to bed. The blue lights from some electronics can also affect sleep, so make sure everyone puts their devices away at least an hour before bed.

Instead of sleeping in on the weekends, try to keep up your regular morning routine so that you don’t oversleep. You’ll love being more productive by getting up earlier, and it’ll mean that Mondays aren’t as tough as they usually are.

Stock up on vitamins and first aid supplies

Battling a cold is one of the least enjoyable elements of winter, but there are ways to make things more bearable. Make sure you’re getting in enough of your recommended vitamin intake, particularly vitamin C, to help you keep colds at bay this winter. Meanwhile, stocking up on different cold and flu medicines will mean you have everything you need at home, so you don’t worry about having to pop out to the pharmacy when you’re feeling rotten. Try to avoid the doctors unless it’s absolutely urgent – waiting rooms are full at this time of year and you could be taking the place of someone in real need for something that could be treated at home.

With the right preparations and plenty of common sense, you can help your family stay happy and healthy this winter. It’s the time of year to enjoy creating special memories with family and friends, so don’t let ill health ruin your fun. Eat well, sleep well and stay healthy this winter and enjoy the season with your family.

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