Are you an everyday hero or a drive-on-byer?


Imagine you’re driving home from work and you see a pregnant lady stranded at the side of the road with smoke coming out of her car bonnet? What would you do? Would you stop your car and offer your assistance or would you drive on by and not give her another thought? I would probably quickly assess the situation, see if anyone else is pulling over to help and if not, I’d pull over and see if I could offer her a warm seat in my car. I wouldn’t know the first thing about cars but can offer a lady in need a seat and a blanket if needed. 

The RAC are the motorists champion, looking after drivers around the UK who breakdown away from home, have problems with their cars at any time of the night and day and need to get home. They are putting motorists good nature to the test with a quiz to reveal driving habits that tell all. Are you the Everyday Hero? A Reserved Rescuer or a Drive-on byer?

Take the quiz to find out what kind of motorist you are;

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What kind of driver am I?

I’ve taken the test and the results don’t surprise me at all. I’m the Reserved Rescuer. I’m someone who will help if they really need to in an absolute emergency but if someone gets there first, I’m happy to stay in my car and drive on. As a parent, being safe in the car is something I always think about now as it’s not just me in the car anymore. I’m always with my children in the car and as they are my responsibility, I have to ensure their safety too! It would probably be a completely different outcome if I was on my own in the car or with another adult.

With every scenario, there’s always different things to think about. When I was younger and driving my trusty purple KA around the streets of Staffordshire, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about pulling over and offering a helping hand, I was care free and had no responsibilities so the answers to the questions would have probably had a different outcome. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a position where I have been stranded due to a broken down car and need to flag down help or had an accident and had to rely on passers by to help me. I would hope someone would come to my rescue if I needed it and that person felt comfortable and safe enough to help me out.

What kind of driver are you?

Are you an Everyday Hero, saving the day from behind the wheel, a Reserved Rescuer like me, who will help in an emergency but would rather let someone else take the lead, or the Drive-on byer, who only looks after themselves in their car? It’s a little bit of fun but really interesting to see what kind of drivers we have on the road out there.

You can take the quiz and find out what kind of driver you are here

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