Where will the journey take you?

Freddie Britax Römer

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If you’re followers of my blog you’ll know that we’ve been working with Britax Römer over the last five years and both my boys have been safely transported from A to B and back again on hundreds of occasions sitting comfortably in their Britax Römer car seats. 

The boys have always been used to sitting in their seats from an early age and thanks to this, we’ve been able to explore some of the UK for days out and short holidays. I find that if they’re comfortable and happy in their seats then the journey is less painful for us parents. When you have an upset little one in the back, it’s traumatic and you wish the journey away often feeling on edge and in all honesty, a little bit stressed. Thankfully, with our Britax Römer seats the boys don’t usually complain and both either fall asleep on route or are happy enough to lie/sit back and enjoy the journey.

I love our days out as a family. A chance for me to escape the washing and the tidying up (I am always tidying up!) and a chance for the whole family to enjoy quality time together that builds memories and experiences for us all.

Britax Römer Kidfix III M car seat

We love to explore on a free Sunday afternoon. We bundle the boys in to the car and go off exploring driving usually without an end destination and seeing where we end up. We’ve been to lavender fields, a local windmill, exploring the local area where we live but without being rigid on the journey. I often find that we learn more about the area when we explore it like this and it’s much better to see the sights of the countryside when you’re not rushing to get anywhere. We often find a little pub and have a lovely meal (no washing up!) and then drive back home whilst Freddie has his afternoon nap. If Britax Römer made Sundays!

Free £30 Mastercard with qualifying purchases

Britax Römer have recently launched a fantastic offer and I’m delighted to tell you more about it. Until 15th November 2018 on all purchases of a Britax Römer i-Size car seat bought from Mothercare, you’ll take home a £30 Mastercard to spend on family day trips and days out. There’s over 24 Britax Römer i-Size car seats included in the offer (including the fantastic DUALFIX that Freddie is sitting in the photograph above), so there’s bound to be one that’s suitable for your child. It’s a brilliant offer and you too will be able to have a Britax Römer Sunday like we did!

To find out more head over to their website here. Where will your Britax Römer journey take you?

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