Introducing the new Oyster3 pushchair // Review

Oyster3 pushchair

Back in early July, Freddie and I were invited to an exclusive preview event for a brand new pushchair. A pushchair so new, you can’t buy it yet. We were lucky enough to take home the latest pushchair from the award-winning Oyster series from Babystyle, a brand new Oyster3 pushchair to take on our travels and adventures over the summer and we’ve done just that. 

Oyster3 pushchair

The Oyster3 pushchair is due for release this Autumn so we’ve had three months so far to put it to the test on the school run, at the beach, on holiday in France and everywhere else in between. It’s been a fantastic pushchair to use with Freddie, who is now big enough to use the main seat unit, we’ve found it versatile, easy to push and super comfortable.

Oyster3 pushchair

Slouched down, feet up, living his best life!

Having never owned or pushed an Oyster pushchair before, I had nothing to compare the Oyster3 against. Babystyle, the experts behind the latest product, tell me that it is higher and longer than any previous versions and will fold with the seat unit still attached in both parent facing and world facing modes.

First impressions

My first impressions of the Oyster3 was that it was a really sleek looking pushchair with it’s Oyster City Grey chassis and extendable hand-stitched textured handle. It looked like a really high end premium pushchair with luxurious herringbone fabrics, mirror trimmed puncture-free wheels and a hood and harness that move seamlessly up with baby as he grows. I couldn’t wait to try it out with Freddie.

Oyster3 pushchair

Out and about; Oyster3 features

Now Freddie is over six months old, we have been using the pushchair as it comes with the main seat unit. However, as the pushchair has a lie-flat recline, it is suitable to use from birth. For ease of storage, the Oyster3 folds really well and compactly with the bumper bar attached which is a massive bonus for us as our house isn’t very big and we tend to keep the pushchair in the hall or in the boot of the car.

Oyster3 pushchair

It’s folded up size… so compact!

The Oyster3 is really easy to put up from it’s folded position. It has a hook on the side of the pushchair which keeps the folded pushchair together and it’s easily unclipped and the pushchair can be put up. Similarly, the pushchair is really easy to fold down which is essential when you’re on the go with the children out and about.

Oyster3 pushchair

Laden with essentials at Disneyland Paris

The basket is large and accessible even when the seat is reclined to it’s lie-flat position. It’s a breath of fresh air to use a pushchair that has a basket that is easily accessible and can hold quite a lot (between 3-5kg). We’ve used it on holiday and it has been invaluable holding all sorts during our trip to Disneyland Paris and beach days in Worthing and Bournemouth.

Oyster3 pushchair

In Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland

Oyster3 pushchair

The hood has a stitched in sun-visor which can be folded back when not in use as well as a ventilation net to allow the child get some fresh air on their travels. The hood can be extended with a zip feature which is brilliant when you don’t want your child to get the sun in their eyes when you want them to nap for a little bit longer. The hood has a UV50+ rating so you know even under the sunniest skies your child is being protected from the harmful rays where they are under cover.

Oyster3 pushchair

The seat is easily released with a discreet handle under the top flap of fabric on the seat which makes it really easy to switch the seat around and to remove the seat. This is a really clever feature but in reality we haven’t had to use it much at all thanks to the seat folding with the seat.

There’s three recline positions; lie-flat, mid-way and upright. Freddie has been using mainly the mid-way and lie-flat positions and has napped comfortably in both positions.

Oyster3 – Grows with the child

The Oyster3 is designed to grow with your child making it a product that is going to suit your family for many years, from birth and beyond. The hood, inbuilt headrest and harness can be adjusted together with 3 different hood heights, which is music to my ears considering the traumas I’ve had in the past trying to re-thread the straps on other pushchair harnesses.

Oyster3 pushchair

The 5-point harness clips together at the tummy and the straps can be lengthened to adapt to your growing child. Although I haven’t had to adjust the hood and harness yet for Freddie, I have had to re-adjust the straps to accommodate for additional clothing and a rapidly growing baby.

How we’ve found the Oyster3

The Oyster3 has been a fantastic pushchair to use. I love the ability to fold the pushchair with the seat unit attached as it takes us less room in my car boot and I don’t have to get two separate pieces out to put it up. The seat seems comfortable for Freddie given that he has napped really well in the pushchair on our adventures and although he’s used it parent facing, no doubt we’ll swap it to world facing when he’s little older. It handles well on public transport and is nippy around corners and is a joy to push. The swivel wheels are lockable if you want them too but this isn’t a feature I have used yet. I love the extendable handlebar and find that it’s easier to push up hill with a higher handle.

The only thing that has irritated me slightly is that the hood fell off easily when I lifted the pushchair out of my boot. The hood clips on and off and I caught it whilst getting it out of the car and it fell off so I had to put it back on again. I’m not sure whether it was more user error (me) than pushchair error to be honest but wanted to share my honest feedback.

Oyster3 pushchair

We have been reviewing the Oyster3 with Mercury colourway and a City Grey chassis. The Oyster3 will be available to buy in 8 colourways including the stunning berry and vibrant peacock.

The colourway breakdown with chassis: Caviar (chrome) / Pepper (city grey)/ Mercury (chrome / city grey) / Pebble (chrome) / Truffle (chrome) / Berry (city grey) / Regatta (chrome)/ Peacock (chrome).

My lovely friend Jaime from The Olivers Madhouse has reviewed the pushchair here as a vlog in lots of detail if you want more information on how to switch the seat around, recline the seat etc. Give it a watch!

The Oyster3 will be available to use as a stand alone pushchair or as part of a travel system and although the pushchair is not out for purchase just yet, there will be some fantastic accessories to go with it including car seat adapters, a ride on board and bottle holder to name just a few.

Oyster3 pushchair carrycot

Once the Oyster3 is available for purchase I’ll update this blog review with links where to buy it and of course, the nitty gritty price. Indications are that it’ll have a RRP of £499 and price includes the pushchair, rain cover, insect net and apron. From a cost point of view, the Oyster3 has it all. It can be used from birth, can be used as a travel system with a compatible car seat and can be used up until your child is 22kg (around 3 years old). It’s brilliant value and a very stylish and premium looking pushchair. Thank you Babystyle, we love it!

To find out more about the Oyster3, head to the Babystyle website here

Oyster3 Pushchair review Disclosure: We were invited to review the Oyster3 before its public launch. It has been a delight to review and we’ve had so many compliments from passers by. It’s a joy to use. 

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  • Reply Coombe Mill 09/10/2018 at 11:29 am

    I love the look of this, practical and comfortable. that photo with the foot poking out made me chuckle. #TriedTested

  • Reply We're going on an adventure 09/10/2018 at 9:37 pm

    What a really attractive pushchair! I miss having a basket to carry things around in!

  • Reply Kim Carberry 10/10/2018 at 9:13 am

    That is such a lovely looking pushchair! Your boy looks very happy in it x

  • Reply Kate Fever (@FamilyFever) 14/10/2018 at 12:48 pm

    Oh this looks beautiful. I love that it is compact, yet has enough space to carry so much. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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