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A homely family home is so important. It gives you all a sense of comfort and belonging, but we have to admit that not every home is exactly a homely family home. Most of the family might not be there a lot of the time, they might not socialise when they are in the home together, and it can just feel as though the home is pretty vacant in a way. Not only that, but it can also feel as though the home just isn’t homely in the way that it looks. It doesn’t exactly look inviting, it’s not full of warm and loving things, and it perhaps hasn’t had a bit of a refresh in a while. We appreciate that as your kids get older, or as your lives get busier, it can be your home that takes a bit of a back seat. But, it doesn’t always have to be this way, and there are plenty of ways that we’re going to talk about today that should completely transform your home.

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Sort The Family Out

First things first, you need to think about how you can sort the family out. We would like to say that this only applies to people with a family that is older, but it actually doesn’t. The amount of younger families that aren’t spending enough quality time together is really bad. It’s either left to the mother, or even to the father to be at the house most of the time whilst the other is out doing whatever. We know it might sound terrible, but it’s a harsh reality, and sometimes life just gets in the way so much so that people can’t spend as much time in the home together. If you’ve got really young children and you’re still struggling to get the family together in the home, some ground rules need to be laid out. For example, you should always make sure that you’re both back in the house by 7pm. It might be earlier than what you’re used to, if you’re used to going to the gym, going for food, then coming back home later on in the evening, but family time when children are so young is just so important. The same can be applied to those of you with older children. You should set a ground rule that everyone has to be in the house for dinner, and has to spend an hour with the family each night. For older children, this really isn’t much, and we know that they’ll start actually enjoying being around you all!

Get Older Kids Excited About Family Time

So, this is the tricky one. We’ve said that if you make the rule of being with the family for an hour a night, and always having dinner, that they will start enjoying it. But that’s not always the case, and family time doesn’t always have to be spent just sitting around watching the TV. Our suggestion is to do a family games night once a week. You could play on a games console on one of the games where you can all play together, for example Mario Kart. You could go for the old classic and get a board game out. It’s going to be so much more exciting for you all if you’re actually doing something more interactive, and it will definitely bring out a competitive side to the most of you. But, you can’t always just spend your time playing games together, and that’s where a movie night really does come in handy. You can get plenty of snacks and drinks in, and put film ideas into a hat to stop arguments. Rotate who picks a movie out of the hat each time you do a night like this, and there can never be arguments! It’ll be so good for you to look around and know that you’re spending really good quality time with the people who matter to you the most in life, because we know that not enough families are doing it at the minute, and it truly is a shame!

Ways Of Spending Time Together

So, we’ve talked about a couple of ways that you can spend time together when you’re in the home, but family time spreads far further than that. If the only time you’re spending together is one day a week, in the home, when most of you know you’re pushing other things aside to do it, then you’re not exactly spending the best time together as a family. One way we know that works really well is getting out of the house and actually doing something together. Stimulating all of your minds, and making memories that are going to last forever.

So, our first idea, since we’re coming up to that time of year, would be to go and watch a bonfire and fireworks display. It’s such a special and cosy time of year. The skies are lit up with beautiful colours, the warmth of the bonfire is just great, and there’s usually plenty of family activities about for you to go and do. The hot chocolate when it’s so nice and warm outside is also the best thing in the world.

Secondly, you could think about doing something such as a day at the theme park. No matter whether you have children that are old and young, the theme park is seriously one of the best locations that you can go to. There’s people everywhere having fun, the vibe is always great, and there will be rides to enjoy for the whole family! If you have someone that’s scared of rollercoasters, then it’s probably not the best idea to take them somewhere that they’re just not going to enjoy.

Our last suggestion is to go for a cinema and food day. Pick a film that’s going to suit you all, animation films usually do the trick, and have a good time relaxing watching the big screen. Afterwards, you can all go and eat some great food and laugh about the movie. It’s a failsafe day for the whole family to have some fun!

Giving It That Homely Family Vibe

So, now we want to talk about how you can actually make your home feel like a family home, because this might be the thing that you’ve struggled with the most so far. Our top advice would be to make sure that you have comforting things everywhere, starting with a fireplace. If you don’t have one at the minute, then we would highly recommend that you get an electric one. They look just the same, if not better in our eyes, keep the living room nice and toasty, and make it look so much more homely. Put a nice fluffy rug in front of it, and it’s just one way that you can make just one room of the home look really homely. For an added modern touch, you might want to think about getting yourself a new corner sofa set with a seperate chair. It’s great for socialisation, and if you put a fluffy throw over the sofa, it just looks so warm and inviting. To make it look more like a family home, you could also visit websites such as frames.co.uk, and see if you can pick out a frame to put all of your favourite family photos into. You can spread them around the home, and remind you all of all of the great memories that you’ve had so far as a group!

Finally, you need to make sure you’re focusing on all of your bedrooms. For younger kids, we would recommend trying to go themed. They will be jumping for joy at the thought of having a room based on their favourite character. As for your own, you need to go for that cosy snuggly feeling again, and that’s best done through neutral colours and fluffy accessories!

Keeping It A Family Home For Life

As the years go on, and your family all starts to move out, it can be hard to keep it feeling like a family home. You seem to see people less and less, and it becomes a couples home. To stop the beautiful memories fading away, organise a family get together once a month that everyone has to attend. Have drinks, eat good food, and enjoy the company of the people around you! It’s so easy to keep it a family home, if you actually keep your family close to you!

So, hopefully after reading this you will have plenty of ways that you can make your home feel more family based, and how to actually keep your family a close knit one!

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