5 ways to improve your property price


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If your home is no longer working for you and your family and it’s time to look elsewhere, selling up and moving on might be your next step. But what if your current home isn’t looking too favourable and the value of your home is much less than expected? You may be wondering what you need to do to improve your property price to climb up the housing ladder? Unfortunately you will need to make some changes. Here’s 5 ways to improve your property price.

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Install central heating

If you haven’t already got central heating installed, taking the step to a warmer home is a huge selling point. Having one heating system for the whole house is much more economical than single heaters or portable radiators and although it is an upheaval getting the work done, once it’s complete the benefits make it all worth it.

Improve your bathroom

One of the most used rooms in the house is the bathroom. Everyone uses it and it gets regular traffic throughout the day. Upgrading your bathroom can place a huge tick on potential buyers checklists so improving the suite, flooring and storage space in the bathroom is always a good idea. If you’re stuck on who to contact to help you with the plumbing work then My Builder can help. They can help you find local tradesmen in your area (such as Birmingham for us in the West Midlands) who are professionally skilled to take on the job.

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Build upwards

Another way to improve your property price is to build upwards. It depends on how much space you have in your home to do this but if you have loft space, you could turn that dead space into a much needed additional bedroom or home office. But after all the work is done, be prepared to want to stay in your home and not move on.

Do you have curb appeal?

The look of your home from the front is what makes or breaks the decision to want to know more about it. A tidy looking front door, tidy entrance way and fully functional windows are all indicators that inside the property inside is looked after too. So if your home doesn’t yet have curb appeal, paint the front door, replace the knocker, tidy up the entrance way / path and pot a few plants to make your home stand out from the rest.

Create some parking

Depending on the location of the property, parking is a huge bonus. If you have space at the front of your property to create an area for off-road parking, this will add value to your home. No-one loves to leave their car on the road or come home from the weekly food shop with nowhere to park, so creating space to park your family car can really improve your chances of selling your home. Additionally, if you have access to the rear of your property and space available to create a driveway or additional parking, this is also a fantastic and relatively cheap way to add value to your home.

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