5 Brilliant Tips to Help You Stage Your Property for A Quick Sale


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Prospective house buyers spend less time deciding whether to buy a property than they do a sofa. Surprising, yeah? But the message here is — you have mere seconds to make the right impression.

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So, if you want to sell your home (and maybe you need to urgently due to life circumstances), it’s vital it’s looking it’s very best. This doesn’t mean spending a small fortune in renovations. Time spent on staging your home will help you entice more viewings.

But, if the pressure is too much, you can use the services of House Buy Fast, who will deal with all the contracts and transactions on your behalf.

In the meantime, if you want to wow prospective buyers, here are 5 great tips to help you stage your home.

Remove your stuff

The first thing you need to get rid of as much stuff as possible — declutter your home. This includes bulky unnecessary furniture, clothing, personal trinkets, family photographs. Aim to remove at least 50% of your stuff. Put the things you want to keep in storage and get rid of the rest or give it away. You’ll be amazed at how more spacious your home will feel and look.

Increase lighting

You want as much light as possible —this will help make your property feel clean and airy. Change any broken light bulbs and replace with brighter bulbs. Remove bulky curtains, clean windows, as extra side lamps. For example, you can add spotlights in darker corners like under cabinets or on bookshelves. Also, leave all lights on during viewings, even during the day.

Show-off your features

Think about the layout of your rooms. Curate your furniture so it shows off rather than blocks key features like fireplaces and wooden flooring.

Make it welcoming

Depersonalizing your home is one thing, but you don’t want to create a bland showroom either. To help you create a homelier feel add a little luxury to each room. For instance, buy new towels and bedding. Adding soft furnishings like blankets and cushions in neutral tones.

Don’t forget to make sure your home smells nice. Bad smells are a guaranteed turn off. Smoking and pets are the usual culprits. Use air freshener or get an electric aroma diffuser.

On the day of viewing buy fresh flowers and if you have the time (and skills), there’s nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking to make you feel really at home.

First impressions

These start before anyone has even stepped foot in your house. From the photos used in your listing to the appearance of the front of your house. Remember to keep the front of your house clean and tidy throughout the entire viewing period. Repair broken gates, fences and paving stones. If you have space, add a few pot plants to add colour.

If you’re sceptical about home staging, don’t be. The time you invest in curating your home to look its very best is really worthwhile, especially if you want to sell your house fast.

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