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If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen or simply spruce up its style a bit, you’ve come to the right place. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is not just the most important one but it’s also the most inspiring room to decorate and have fun with. Even an old-fashioned and rustic kitchen will look great as long as it’s well-cared for.

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The price of your appliances doesn’t even matter as you’ll get even better food by simply cooking it straight over the fire. Here is a handful of great kitchen styles to get you started so that you can figure out the best look for your kitchen – and enjoy cooking even more.


#1 The Moroccan kitchen

One of the more popular styles these days is the colourful style of Moroccan kitchens. They lean on mosaic, patterns, tiles, and colours – and it should be just what you need to inspire your cooking until it’s just as spicy and aromatic as your kitchen.

Richly glazed mosaic tiles will definitely give you the kind of look you want, but keep in mind that your kitchen will look better when you manage to keep the rest of the style clean. Focus on incorporating a lot of white in between all the colours and patterns; you could let the walls be white, for example, and go for printed splashbacks.

Tiles will, undoubtedly, give you a more authentic Moroccan look, though, so try to get your hands on some patterned ones as well. Now all you need to do is fill up your spice rack and hang your brass pots on the wall for decoration.

#2 The Mediterranean kitchen

These kitchens are the definition of warm, elegant, and timeless kitchen design. It should be an inviting space where you feel like cooking up meals rich on olive oil and tomatoes, with a large table to gather your whole family around.

Start by selecting warm hues in shades of the sunset, and keep in mind that you can layer the tones so that the background perhaps is in a warm orange while the cabinets are in an earthy hue.

Curves are, of course, a part of what defines Mediterranean kitchens as well so remember to integrate it in your handles and faucets as well as in the regular cabinets.

#3 The Nordic kitchen

A style that never goes out of fashion, the Nordic kitchen comes in a simpler and cleaner look, often filled with wood and preferably a small kitchen table right by the window. The room should be bright, white, and airy – and perhaps with a small stand-alone oven to keep you warm through those chilly winter mornings.

By adding hints of warmer colours throughout the kitchen, it will feel even cosier and inviting.

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