The Me and Mine Project // September 2018

Me and Mine September 2018

September has been a right old month for us. It was back to school for Olly as he joined his friends in Year One at school and my husband Shilts got admitted into hospital for emergency surgery for an abscess and left hospital two days later with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. The month has had far more downs than ups so we’ll be glad to see the back of it and move forward. 

Me and Mine September 2018

This month Mummy has;

  • enjoyed going to a Macmillan Coffee Morning and seeing friends
  • struggled getting into a routine as Shilts has been off work
  • getting dolled up for the family meal, wearing a new dress with curly hair
  • been planning home renovations and is very excited by it all
  • been learning to let go off sentimental stuff (why do we attach emotions to possessions!) and has had a really good de-clutter.

This month Olly has;

  • gone back to school and so far it is going really well
  • written his Christmas list for Santa (OMG already!) complete with pictures cut up from the Playmobil and Brio leaflets
  • enjoyed having his Daddy helping on the school runs and being at home in the afternoons
  • been really helpful around the house, watching his brother when asked and has been really lovely company.

This month Shilts has;

  • had a month off from work (sick leave) and been diagnosed with being a Type 1 Diabetic
  • being a proper Delboy and has enjoyed selling lots of unwanted bits and pieces around the house to raise funds for Christmas
  • got some exciting quotes in for our home renovations
  • enjoyed the start of the Ryder Cup
  • loved his Aunty and Uncle’s Wedding Anniversary celebrations. We had a lovely meal at a local hotel and it was lovely to see all the family and have a good catch up with everyone.

This month Freddie has;

  • started his sing and sign course with his best friend Freddie
  • fallen into a brilliant napping routine going down at around 9:30am for 45 minutes and then again after lunch at around 1pm for an hour or two!
  • started going to his Nan and Grandads house on a Monday for a day of fun
  • turned eight months old
  • started sitting up all by himself from a lying down position and is very proud of himself

Me and Mine September 2018

Me and Mine September 2018

September wasn’t the best month for our family. Shilts has been a proper trooper and is adjusting to life with lots of blood tests and regular self-injecting insulin. It’s been a month where I have struggled to get into a routine (which I and the boys need) but hoping that October will bring some calm amongst the plans to renovate our family bathroom and outhouse in the coming months. Hope October is good to you all.

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  • Reply tobygoesbananas 03/10/2018 at 10:55 pm

    I bet you’re glad the month is over! I had no idea you could be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (or develop it) as an adult, I always just assumed it was something you were born with. It must be horrible but at least Shilts is getting the right treatment now. I’m glad to hear Olly is doing OK back at school – Toby has finally settled again (hopefully) after a very rocky start! And I can’t believe how big Freddie is getting, I’m sure he was just born two minutes ago! #MeandMine

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