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Car Shades

As a family who enjoy getting out and about, we find ourselves spending lots of weekend days on the road somewhere.  We increasingly find ourselves spending time exploring places that are a decent drive away from where we live, and so in-car comfort is essential. When we asked to review some bespoke car shades, we were more than delighted to do so.

Car Shades

We were pleased then to find that the car shades we had been sent were a bespoke size designed to fit perfectly inside our cars. The pack comprises a paired set of rear passenger window shades, and also a pair of rear windscreen shades.

Car Shades

They also come complete with fixing brackets that can be fitted to the car interior to ensure that the shades remain in place even on the bumpiest of road surfaces.

Car Shades

The shades are straightforward to fit.  Once you have mounted the brackets on the interior, the shades slot in and stay in place. They do an excellent job of shielding our children from the direct sunlight, and make for a much more comfortable car journey.

When our eldest son Olly was younger, we had some shades on the window that were bought as standard size from a shop.  The downside of those were that they were designed to fit any vehicle, and in our case, they kept falling off the window.  Anyone who has tried to undertake a journey with children will know full well that if something like that happens mid-journey, it is a disaster! You find yourself having to stop at the nearest service station simply to reattach the shade.

Car Shades


Car Shades


Essentials for long car journeys with children

It is for this reason that our bespoke car shades are a fabulous solution.  As we found out on a recent trip to Disneyland Paris, which was an 850-mile round trip, our boys needed to get some sleep en route, and having the sun shielded meant that not only were they able to snooze, they stayed asleep for a large portion of the journey – a good job given the very pleasant late August weather that France experienced during our stay!

The car shades are an excellent addition to the family motoring checklist. Along with blankets, refreshments and snacks, our car shades are another must have when it comes to an outing.

Car Shades

You can buy tailor made car shades for your own car from £62.99 with free delivery at

Disclosure: With thanks to Car Shades for sending us these brilliant shades for the car. All words and images are my own. 

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