5 ways to tackle the post holiday blues

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we returned from our little trip to France and I’ll admit, I have the holiday blues. I’m much more carefree on holiday, the routine goes out the window, there’s no cooking to worry about, the children’s toys aren’t cluttering up the hotel room and all our dirty washing is buried in the wardrobe until we meet again back home. 

Laundry chair

In order to combat the post holiday blues, here are five ways which can help;

Get more sleep

On holiday, families tend to sleep better as their days are full to the brim with adventure, relaxation and fun so when it comes to bedtime, everyone sleeps well to recharge the batteries for another fun filled day ahead. Instead of trying to end your day with ticking off more jobs on the to do list, give yourself time and get some sleep! You’ll feel more energised and recharged in the morning.

Try a holiday activity at home

If like me, you love swimming on your holiday, grab the swimming cossie and head to your local pool for an hour of chill time. Doing an activity at home that you would normally do on holiday extends the feeling that you’re giving yourself time off from the norm. Perhaps it’s darts, lawn bowls or aerobics that you’ve enjoyed on holiday, why don’t you give it a try at home and enjoy the freedom it gives you. The exercise is great for you and chances are you’ll be enjoying it too much to consider it a chore.

Get Laundryheap to do your washing

No-one enjoys doing the chores when you get home so get some help. Laundryheap can take away the washing woes for you. Simply schedule a collection of your dirty holiday washing for when you get home (picking from a collection and delivery time slot to suit you) and sit back and relax. Use the time you would spend sorting the washing, sorting the drying and hanging up your clothes on yourself. Take a bath, enjoy a manicure, watch a film. Let Laundryheap collect, wash and iron* your clothes whilst you reclaim that me time. *Laundryheap offer a washing and tumble dry service, dry cleaning service and a ironing only service from as little as £14. How convenient is that? I’d happily pay someone to wash, dry and iron our clothing if all I need to do is pay and put it away at the end of the day!

Print off your favourite holiday photographs

One way to remember the fantastic times you shared with your loved ones on holiday is to print the photograph. Many people (myself included) often take hundred of holiday snaps for them to be left on a camera, in memory cards and shared with friends on social media. Printing off holiday photographs and displaying them around your home will remind you of the good times you had and will trigger memories you might have forgotten about. I often use photographs as an incentive to return but no-one ever won by not working for it. Holidays are a reminder that hard work pays off.

Make plans

One of the ways to combat holiday blues is to keep yourself busy when you return. Make plans to see family and friends for catch ups and coffee, enjoy a cinema date, a trip to a museum, plan activities you’ve been meaning to get around to doing which you’ll enjoy and will make your time feel well spent. Many of us dwell on the fact we’re home from holiday for far too long and forget the regular things we can do that make us just as happy. Just be mindful not to plan too much or else you’ll need another holiday to recover.

How do you tackle the post-holiday blues? Would love to hear your tips! 

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 10/09/2018 at 10:06 pm

    Oh, Laundryheap sounds like a game changer! I agree about making plans and getting more sleep too, both of those things always make me feel better.

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