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Keeping your lawn in good condition can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. But, it really need not be that way. You just have to get organized, stick to a routine and keep on top of things. If you do that none of the lawn care tasks you have to do will take you more than an hour a week. Plus, in the colder months or during a drought period, there will be nothing that you have to do at all.

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Top up your lawn every so often

Top of the list is a task that many people completely forget to do, which is to regularly re-seed their lawn. You can easily buy the seeds you need from this website and several others.

Re-seeding once a year ensures that any bald patches are covered and that your grass is always dense enough. This has the effect of making it look lusher and gives it a nice springy feel. It also makes your lawn more robust. The more blades of grass there are the lower the risk is of them all dying off and leaving behind thin or bald patches.

Cut it regularly

It can be all too tempting to simply leave cutting the grass for another week. This seems harmless enough, but what usually happens is that it gets so long that it takes several cuts before it is short enough to look good. The reason for this is that you should not cut more than a third off the length of your lawn in a single cut. So, if you leave your lawn to grow to 3 inches you can only cut one inch off. That leaves you with a lawn that is about 2 inches in length, which, for most varieties, is too long. So, you may have to wait a few days and cut your lawn again to get it to the light length.

Water it carefully

A well-watered lawn will thrive. But, you need to water it in the right way. This is actually a quite complex subject, so I cannot really cover it here. If you do not already know the correct way to water a lawn you should go online and read up on the subject.

Clean up your lawn each year

You need to keep your lawn as weed free as possible. Try to keep on top of this issue. If you can go over your lawn once a week with a weeding tool in hand and dig out any weeds you see. Initially, this will take a while. But, once you get on top of the job it should only take about half an hour because far fewer weeds will have taken hold.

It is very important to aerate and rake your lawn, at least once a year. Doing this gets rid of any debris which is lying on top. This is important because all of these little dried up bits and pieces actually suck up a lot of moisture. That is water that cannot soak into your lawn and feed the roots of your grass. Aerating your lawn will allow any rainfall to penetrate the soil and reach the roots faster.

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