Creative Ways To Preserve Your Mummy Memories (ad)


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Children grow up too fast! One minute you’re changing their nappies, the next they are making their way through the school gates for the first time. And then, before you know it, they are married, have three children of their own, and are on the phone asking you to babysit. Just where does time go? Blink and the years will fly by!

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Okay, so I have slightly exaggerated, but you will probably know what I mean. Time doesn’t stand still, and your children grow by the day. This is why it’s important to preserve those special memories of their childhood; finding ways to capture moments, words, and thoughts. When they do get older and fly the nest, you will be able to look back and smile (and possibly cringe) at your Mummy years, with the variety of memory preservers at your disposal. We have a few ideas here, so if you still have young (or older) children living with you, here are some creative ways to preserve those precious moments today.

  • Start a family blog. The only example you need are the moments captured on the blog you are reading now, where we capture our special family memories on pages such as this one, Through words and pictures, you can do the same for your family, chronicling your day-to-day lives, from the first visit of the tooth fairy to the days you spend on summer holidays. The internet isn’t going to go anywhere soon, so by starting your own website through any of the providers found here,, you can have your own family pages online within hours.
  • Keep a memory box. Whether you buy a box online or craft something yourself, decorate it how you like, and then store those precious objects that will trigger memories later on. Depending on the size of the box, you could include all kinds of things. As ideas, we are thinking baby teeth, gifts your child gave/made you, report cards, cinema tickets (your child’s first movie), toys, books, photographs, Mother’s Day cards, holiday mementos… and the list could go on. Unforgettable moments, all gathered together in one place, giving you easy access when you want to think and reminisce about a time now gone.

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  • Display your photos. In today’s ‘marvellous’ age, we can easily store photos online, be that through blogs like this one, social media, or on our phone’s memory card. That’s all well and good, but you should still display some of them in your home, for you and all the world to see them. To be extra creative, have a look at With personalised picture frames, you can display your favourite pictures alongside personalised wording. You could go for the norm – ‘baby’s first birthday’ or ‘family holiday 2018’ – but why not be even more creative and add quotes? If you remember something your child said on the occasion of the photo, have that engraved on the frame to further elevate your memory. Children say the funniest and sweetest things, so preserve those precious words forever.
  • Keep a journal. A simple and inexpensive way to never forget a moment. On a daily basis, keep an account of what your child has done or said. Write down your thoughts surrounding those moments, whether you laughed, cried, or did both at the same time. Write down your feelings at seeing your child enter the school gates for the first time. Chronicle your pride at one of their achievements. And as we suggested previously, write down any memorable quotes, be they from your child’s mouth or anybody else within your family. Keep your journal close by at all times; it’s easy to forget something if you don’t write it down quickly, so as soon as you have something worth noting, get your pen out and start scribbling.
  • Create a memory quilt. You know how your children grow out of their clothes quickly? While you could throw their outfits away or give them to a charity shop, you might also consider keeping them. Then visit and consider their creative way of transforming your child’s clothes into a memory quilt (or a cushion). Your children’s clothes will trigger memories, and by using the linked services, or by crafting your own if you have skill with a needle and a thread, you will be able to imprint those memories into your mind, and your home furnishings!

So, we have given you our ideas, but what about you? Have you found a way to preserve your Mummy memories? Let us know if so. Our children may grow up fast, but we don’t have to forget those special times we had with them.

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