My Shilton Boys // August 2018

August Siblings 2018

This month has got to be the most time my boys have ever spent together. Olly is on his school holidays and Freddie is loving spending time with his big brother. This month, we’ve been away on holiday for a few days and have had time to spend quality time with each other. For most of it, it’s been lovely, the other bit, well, that’s been frustrating! 

August Siblings 2018

When my boys have their good days, I can sing their praises all day long. Especially Olly. He is, on the whole, a brilliant little boy who is cheeky, loving, sensitive and kind. He will listen to instructions and help me out, go above and beyond what I ask of him and he’s such an intelligent boy that I have to remind myself that he’s only five years old, not the much older boy he acts like a lot of the time. He can read well and loves to write, draw pictures and get creative (interpret that as you will!) with paper, sellotape and a pair of scissors!

August Siblings 2018

When Olly is tired, frustrated and over emotional, he’s stubborn and refuses to engage in rational conversation and I don’t know whether I’m approaching it all wrong but I get annoyed and drop sanctions on him for not complying with my (usually very reasonable) requests. Just this week, perhaps out of tiredness I’m not sure, he refused to eat his dinner. It’s a dinner I’ve cooked lots of times before, nothing new for him to eat, just a normal dinner in our house but he refused to eat it. He got upset, I was frustrated and he couldn’t go out for the evening with his Daddy as planned. I know we did the correct thing as the following days since have been brilliant and he understands that if we mean no, we mean no and we won’t back down (even if I feel like the worst Mum in the world when he tells me his belly is empty and he would like a snack, I said no!)

August Siblings 2018

Freddie seems to have grown loads this month too and I’ve written his seven month update here. He’s taking more notice of people around him, wanting to interact with them and just tonight, he reached out to Olly for a kiss (it was the most heart bursting moment ever!) in the bath and it was just beautiful to witness.

August Siblings 2018

Excuse the mess… it’ll be tidy in September!

August Siblings 2018

This parenting lark is hard work, frustrating at times, it’s none stop from dawn to dusk but definitely one of my greatest achievements in life.


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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