The Me and Mine Project // August 2018

August Me and Mine 2018

August has been a fantastic challenge for me. It’s the month where Olly was off from school and I had both boys at home with me every day. Shilts took some time off from work and we went on a couple of breaks away from home which was much needed. We realised that although short breaks are lovely, they are never long enough and we really need a decent break of more than a week from the routine of everyday and life clutter to help us both relax and feel like we’ve had a break. 

August Me and Mine 2018

On the beach at Littlehampton

Disneyland Paris August 2018

Meeting Daisy in Disneyland Paris

This month Mummy has;

  • loved visiting the seaside (catch up here)
  • has been featured in Asda’s Good Living Magazine in an article talking about weaning Freddie
  • enjoyed Afternoon Tea with her Mum at The Belfry
  • been spontaneous and planned a trip to Disneyland Paris with a weeks notice!
  • enjoyed two ferry crossings without being ill (this is a huge step forward!)
  • loved being at Disneyland Paris with her boys
  • enjoyed a day out to Black Country Living Museum with her Mom, nephew and boys

This month Olly has;

  • had a fantastic month off school and has had lots of adventures, days out and fun
  • conquered his fear of heights and gone on the big wheel in Bournemouth with Mummy
  • paddled in the sea and built lots of sandcastles
  • visited Legoland Birmingham again and loved building a racing car
  • met some of the Walsall players at their open training session
  • met Mickey Mouse, Woody and Daisy Duck

This month Daddy has;

  • enjoyed the start of the new football season
  • driven to France and really enjoyed the experience
  • loved swimming in the sea at Littlehampton and Bournemouth
  • barbecued on his new BBQ with success

This month Freddie has;

  • had his first trip to France and used his passport for the first time.
  • began to crawl commando style along the floor
  • turned seven months old
  • met up with friends Freddie and Dustie for catch ups
  • enjoyed paddling his toes in the sea then putting his sandy toes in his mouth!
ME and Mine Aug 2018

On Littlehampton beach enjoying the sunshine

Disneyland Paris August 2018

Attempting a family group photo with the magic castle in the background

Disneyland Paris August 2018

In the French quarters at Walt Disney Studios

September brings a new routine for us. Olly will be going into Year One at school and I’ll be adjusting to a new daytime routine with Freddie. Attempting to get him to nap in the six hour gap and fitting everything else in. We start our new Sing and Sign class in early September too so that’s exciting and I cannot wait to learn some useful techniques with Freddie. Have a great September!


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