Freddie’s bedtime routine // the baby edition


One of the concerns I had when we found out that we were expecting was how on earth would they sleep? My first baby boy, who is now aged five and thankfully sleeps through the night, was a terrible sleeper and had us up most nights for hours at a time. When Freddie came along we expected the newborn nights to be long with numerous wake ups and feeds but thankfully, touch wood, he has slept like a dream and now at six months old, he sleeps through the night. 

Freddie aden + anais

aden + anais Colour Pop muslin and matching sleeping bag

Having a baby in the same bedroom as us is something we have always done. Olly stayed in our bedroom until he was about 3 months old and then we moved him into his nursery with a baby monitor on so we could keep an eye on him. My husband was in the middle of his sleep apnoea diagnosis and his snoring would keep Olly awake. Looking back, being 3 months old seems so little as I couldn’t imagine moving Freddie out of our room just yet.

Freddie sleeps in his own cotbed in our room and has done so for just over a month now. He sleeps well in the cotbed as it’s spacious and has plenty of room for him to roll around. I always put him in the same place each night but come the morning, he’s wriggled himself around so that his head could be in where his feet were.

On Freddie’s cotbed we’ve been using a breathable and waterproof fitted sheet from B-Sensible. It’s from a brand I was introduced to at the Baby Show in May and think their products are brilliant. The fitted sheet goes over the mattress and becomes a barrier between any moisture from Freddie and the mattress. Perfect for when Freddie brings back up any milk or on the rare occasion, has a nappy accident. These fitted sheets will be invaluable once Freddie begins potty training in a few years (although that thought scares me!) The B-Sensible fitted sheets are a great fit and wash well too!

aden + anais

Freddie sleeping on his B-Sensible Fitted Sheet with aden + anais rock star classic sleeping bag

Ever since Freddie has been big enough to sleep in a sleeping bag, we’ve been using them at night for his sleep. Part of this is association and when he’s put inside his sleeping bag, he knows it’s bedtime and time for sleep. Another reason why we love using a sleeping bag is because he is such a wriggler. When he was a newborn he would kick off the blankets every night. The sleeping bags keep his feet contained allowing his arms and hands to be free.

We love the aden + anais sleeping bags and have used them since Freddie has been old enough to do so (babies must be 10lb + or have heads that are too big to fit through the neck opening on the sleeping bag). They are super soft and because they’re pre-washed 100% cotton muslin, they’re ideal to be so close to babies skin.

I love that aden + anais sleeping bags are available in such a wonderful range of patterns. We have the Colour Pop and Rock Star sleeping bags and they’ve been brilliant. Even in this warm weather, at 1.0 tog they’re ideal for a baby sleeping in just his nappy or vest as they’re breathable so Freddie won’t get too hot but they’ll keep him snug all night. He’s also partial to having a muslin over his face on his cheek when he falls asleep. The aden + anais muslins are really snuggly, brilliant patterns and so versatile.


Once Freddie’s tucked up, I’ve been sitting in our bedroom with him but now he’s a bit older I’m feeling more comfortable in leaving him in the room on his own. We’ve been sent the Beaba Mini Call baby monitor to try out and it’s a brilliant little gadget. It’s an audio only monitor with a 300 metre range meaning in our house we can be anywhere and still hear Freddie through the monitor, loud and clear. It’s shock and humidity resistant so it’s a robust little thing which can be perched upon Freddie’s cot out of his reach but should he knock it off, it won’t do any damage. It has a brilliantly long life battery, once charged it will last for 25 hours. I’m always forgetting to charge battery operated gadgets and this one allows me to be a little forgetful.

For a six month old he sleeps really well and I’m so pleased that we started to put him to bed routinely when Olly went to bed. It makes bedtimes much easier with both boys in their beds relaxing ready for a good nights sleep ahead. I just need to learn to sleep earlier in the evening too, I’m such a night owl!

Disclosure: We were sent the items for review featured in the post. All words and images of a cheeky and not very sleepy boy are my own. 

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