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Woof! Nice to sniff you, I’m Ollie. I’m a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel and my Mum and Dad are friends with Emma and her family. I’ve known Emma for a long time as I used to go walking around a huge lake with butterflies and lots of trees to sniff, I digress; with her, my Mum, and my pal, Mikey the Westie (may he rest his paws in peace). Emma’s asked me to tell you about a typical day in my life, which I’m really excited about as no-ones really heard from me before (except the postman and the neighbours).


My Mom’s alarm goes off and I can hear her upstairs pottering about. I wish she’d hurry up, I need to go outside, I heard something rustling out there earlier that I need to investigate. Ah yes, she’s coming down the stairs, hello Mum, hello. She loves me to jump up and greet her, it’s always so great to see her and Dad in the morning. Bella, my little sister (who’s also a Cocker Spaniel), jumps up too and we’re so excited our little tails are wagging and we cannot wait to see who and what was in the garden. We’ll sniff them out, I’m sure of it.

Bella and I have breakfast, a big bowl of dried food which is my favourite, we don’t share a bowl. We have one each so we both get the same, although Bella would probably eat mine too if she was given the chance. I love a good drink of water in the morning too, it’s just what I need though as I love to run around the back garden after breakfast and get some fresh air. I love the rain too, I’m out there in any weather.

I can hear the sound of the front door being opened, its walkies time! Dad has gone to work and it’s time for Mum to walk me and Bella around the local park. I love the park, it’s a 5 minute walk to get there and then there’s squirrels to chase, other dogs to see and sniff, lamp posts and benches to investigate, it’s brilliant, so much to see and do. Bella and I love it even when Mum wants to do laps of the park instead of letting us run free across the grass!


Back home and it’s time for a nap. I like to get my beauty sleep after all the walkies. Bella has nicked my spot on the settee so I might just go and join her. She says I get in the way so she’ll move eventually. I think my snoring annoys her!

It’s Mum’s day off work today so it’s a day in the garden. Bella and I can sunbathe and Mum lets us have a Dentastix chew as she says they are good for dog dental care and cleaning our teeth. All I know is that they taste delicious and my breath smells lovely once I’ve eaten it. I must not drop it though, Bella’s a sneaky little lady she’d definitely run off with it if I dropped mine.

Ollie Bella

My Sister Bella and Me

Mum’s got the paddling pool out as it’s so warm. I love splashing in the pool, I don’t think the humans realise how warm it can get for us four-legged friends. Mum is complaining she doesn’t know what to wear in the heat and I’m wishing I had a choice to take my coat off! I love sitting in the pool, it’s so cool.

After an afternoon of naps, investigating the flying things in the conservatory and playing fetch with Mum, it’s now dinner time. It’s hungry work having all this fun! I have some dinner and then it’s time to cuddle up to Dad on the settee. It definitely is a dogs life!

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.


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