Aqua Wipes – The future of baby wipes // Review

Aqua Wipes

As a parent with a small baby, there are many essentials that I need at hand to get me throughout the day; coffee is one of them and the other is a packet of wipes and several nappies for Freddie. I love a baby wipe, not only do they help clean up a very messy bottom but they’re brilliant in lots of other ways too but I do worry about them being disposable and sitting in landfill for years. I was recently introduced to Aqua Wipes and have been really impressed.  Not only are they great for baby, they’re great for the environment too! 

Aqua Wipes

Aqua Wipes are a little bit special compared to your average baby wipe as they have been formulated to be as natural as possible. They contain more than 99% purified water with an organic aloe vera extract formulation which uses zero plastic based materials.

Aqua Wipes are registered with the Vegan Society as they’re brilliantly ethical and they’re fantastic for using on baby’s soft skin. They’re recommended (and in use) by our National Health Service too for use with newborn babies. I always worried about using wipes with Freddie as a newborn and I wish I had known about these back in January.

As they contain no plastics or parabens, they’re biodegradable which over time, means they’ll break down and are much better for the earth than other baby wipes. It’s a relief to know that although we’re creating waste, they’re kinder on the environment too.

We’ve been using Aqua Wipes for a couple of months now and we really like them. The wipes in the packet are all quite wet which I prefer, knowing that they’re going to actually wipe away any mess, leaving Freddie’s bottom clean and fresh at all times. We’ve not had any problems getting the wipes out the packets as this sometimes frustrates my husband when using baby wipes.

Aqua Wipes

They’re available in five different pack sizes dependant on how many you need; we’ve used the standard 64 wipes pack and the travel pack of 12 wipes. All have fitted into the changing bag well and they’ve been brilliant to use, handling all the mess that little Freddie has thrown at them.

They’re available online from Amazon and are priced at £25.07 for 12 packets of 64 wipes. I think it’s important to mention that whilst they are a little more expensive than other brands, it must be pointed out that these are plastic and paragon free and so much kinder to the earth.

Disclosure: We were sent the Aqua Wipes to review in exchange for this post. All words and images are my own.

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