A chef-worthy kitchen: Simple upgrades to achieve a modern style


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If you aspire to own a kitchen worth showcasing – a cutting-edge culinary studio, where you’ll feel at home diving into the latest ambitious recipe – look no further than these simple luxury upgrades.

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

A sleek double sink

Gone are the days when sinks were simply used for washing – a sink is the cornerstone of a modern kitchen, as stylish as it is practical. Double sinks are the most versatile option for cooking enthusiasts – providing all the functionality for washing and draining, in a symmetrical design.

When upgrading your sink design, select deep basins and high, elegant taps. These really draw the eye in, while catering for the day-to-day tasks of an ambitious home restaurateur.

Your sink design makes all the difference – a stainless steel design can create a neo-professional feel, while undermounted sinks let your work surfaces speak for themselves.

Built-in appliances

The key to a sleek, modern look is purposeful understatement. Open plan designs have been popular for years, and interior experts predict this trend will only continue, as kitchen islands are used to visually break up space.

Built-in appliances are a great way to achieve a multi-purpose space that works, since they allow for a clean and controlled design. Luxury, integrated fridges like this one from Fisher & Paykel combine smart, personalised technology with a customisable style. Its ActiveSmart Foodcare technology also learns how you use your fridge, adapting temperature, airflow and humidity, to allow for chef-worthy freshness.

Experimental work surfaces

Your worktops speak volumes about your personality, so it’s important to choose well. For subtle expression, choose a cool marble suited to slicing and dicing, or combine black and white for a stark contrast.

Experimental materials are the simplest way to create an exclusive, forward-thinking look: choose from industrial stainless steel, rustic wood or glowing glass.

State-of the art feature pieces

Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

For a sleek and practical kitchen, always plan around the golden triangle: cooking area, sink, refrigerator – ensuring these points are well-placed, for instinctive navigation. Once you have these in place, a few additional pieces can upgrade your space further – but you need to choose wisely.

Think of each appliance as a unique feature: it should add practical utility to your cooking space, while contributing something to the overall style of a room.

Coffee machines can offer focus without distraction. Select an impressive machine and you’ll transform more than just your early morning experience.

Make a statement with your backsplash

Cooking space in a kitchen is comparable to lounge fireplaces, in terms of focal potential. Updating this wall space is a simple way to upgrade overall ambience, with minimal exertion.

Whether you prefer exposed brick or chic wall patterns, this is the place where modern style can meet self-expression.

Dramatic drawer makeovers

The secret to sleek storage is intelligence – your kitchen can have all the cupboard space in the world, but if there are no custom-made spaces for your cooking equipment and crockery, stylish efficiency is difficult to achieve.

Take a look at this kitchen storage inspiration to take the next step towards the chef-worthy kitchen of your dreams.

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