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August 2018

    The Me and Mine Project // August 2018

    August Me and Mine 2018

    August has been a fantastic challenge for me. It’s the month where Olly was off from school and I had both boys at home with me every day. Shilts took some time off from work and we went on a couple of breaks away from home which was much needed. We realised that although short breaks are lovely, they are never long enough and we really need a decent break of more than a week from the routine of everyday and life clutter to help us both relax and feel like we’ve had a break.  Continue Reading

  • Shark Mission Sea Life Birmingham

    Shark Mission is on at Sea Life Birmingham

    Earlier this week, the boys and I headed to Sea Life Birmingham to check out their Shark Mission event in partnership with the Octonauts which is on until 2nd September 2018. Olly loves the Octonauts…

  • Weaning Freddie

    Weaning Freddie // Products we love

    When it comes to weaning there is so much advice out there about how you should do it, what you should use and what baby should wear. Using my ‘second time round Mum’ experience,…

  • Freddie Weaning

    Weaning Freddie

    Just before Freddie turned six months old, he started to take notice of us eating. He would watch me hold the food on my fork and would follow its journey from the plate to…

  • August Siblings 2018

    My Shilton Boys // August 2018

    This month has got to be the most time my boys have ever spent together. Olly is on his school holidays and Freddie is loving spending time with his big brother. This month, we’ve…

  • Freddie 7 months

    Freddie // Seven Months Old

    What a month it has been for our beautiful Freddie. He seems to have really changed in such a short amount of time, over the last month he’s started weaning, he can sit up…

  • ODDBODS in Bournemouth

    Having an ODDBODS day out in Bournemouth

    Last week we were invited to spend the day in Bournemouth with the ODDBODS and National Express. Olly’s a big fan of the children’s television programme the ODDBODS, and if you’ve not heard of…

  • Afternoon Tea The Belfry

    Enjoying Afternoon Tea at The Belfry

    Did you know it’s National Afternoon Tea week from 14th to 20th August? No, neither did I until Red Letter Days got in touch and asked me to go and enjoy Afternoon Tea at…