My Shilton Boys // July 2018

Siblings July 2018

Late June and early July has been a better month for my boys. They’re both much better now after their bout of chicken pox, although Olly still has lots of spots they’re taking a while to fade away. Each month their bond seems to be getting stronger as Freddie becomes more and more aware of his big brother which then Olly thrives on as he loves to see Freddie becoming more interactive with him responding to his voice and his silly faces.

Siblings July 2018

Freddie has loved Olly’s silly games this month. The simple act of throwing a muslin up in the air has had Freddie giggling which is so cute but really funny too. Olly loved it and spent a good ten minutes playing with him just throwing the muslin up and down.

Freddie’s enjoying Olly’s company as they sit together watching the tv (most probably football in our house!) or outside in the garden playing. Olly will play with his cars and Freddie will be rolling around the grass attempting to reach over to Olly’s cars. Olly’s loved reading to Freddie this month too and we love bedtime when Olly reads to Freddie and he looks on at the book. It’s lovely to hear Olly read so well too. He’s come on so well in Reception.

Siblings July 2018

Olly’s much happier to hold Freddie now as he’s heavier so when it was a year on from the day we told Olly he was going to be a big brother, we took a photograph of Olly holding his little brother. A year ago, he held the scan picture of his little brother in my tummy, and a year on, he held his little brother in his arms. I love these boys with every breath in my body. They’re amazing and I’m so proud to be their Mama.

Siblings July 2018

I asked Olly some questions about his little brother this month which I’ll ask again in a few months time to see how different his answers are.

  1. What’s your favourite thing about Freddie? He’s cute and he laughs a lot.
  1. What’s your least favourite thing about Freddie? He cries a lot
  1. What’s your favourite memory of Freddie? Him being born and being so cute
  1. Describe Freddie? Erm, I dunno. He’s got blonde hair, blue eyes and a few hairs
  1. What do you think Freddie’s favourite food will be? Carrot
  1. Will Freddie support the same football team as you? Albion, Walsall and England as well as Wasps (Rugby)
  1. What’s your favourite thing to do with Freddie? Take trips to Legoland and Cadbury World
  1. If you had to name Freddie, what would you call him? Monkey
  1. What do you think is Freddie’s favourite toy? Duck airplane
  1. What do you think will be Freddie’s first word? Mama, then Olly then Daddy
Siblings July 2018

Getting all patriotic watching England in the World Cup 2018

August will be a busy month for us all with Olly off on his school holidays. It’ll be the most time we’ve all spent together so I’m expecting some rather frantic times when Olly has had enough of Freddie and vice versa. It’ll be an experience whatever happens and I like a challenge, ha!

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  • Reply Little Ladies Big World 19/07/2018 at 10:01 am

    they look so happy and content in each others company its lovely. i hope the holidays are good to you too x

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