Sleeping like a baby with Leesa // Review

Leesa sleep mattress

*A collaborative post with Leesa

With a young family to look after, my days are pretty busy. From the moment I wake up I’m always on the go with meals to prepare and serve, clothes to wash and dry, nappies to change, bottle feeds and now weaning little Freddie in full flow too, by the time it gets to late evening, I am well and truly ready for a good nights sleep (if only eh?) We recently took delivery of a brand new mattress from Leesa and as I had heard some great things about it, I couldn’t wait to give it a go! 

Leesa sleep mattress

When our Leesa mattress arrived, it was delivered in a rectangular box. It was rolled up in a huge cardboard box and once we managed to haul it up the stairs, as we unboxed and unravelled the packaging from it, we watched in amazement at how such a huge mattress could fit in there. The mattress expanded over the wooden bed frame like warm dough and it looked incredibly comfortable. It takes just over an hour for the Leesa mattress to fully expand but for best results, you should allow a couple of days to let it reach its potential.

Leesa sleep mattress

Super comfy thanks to the 3-layer foam construction

We have a king size bed and ordered a king size mattress to sit on top. It’s a brilliant fit on the bed frame as our previous king size mattress hung over the side a little. It has a 25cm depth to it (which means you need to make sure you have deep fitted sheets to place over it) but that’s thanks to the 3-layer foam construction. On top there’s the 5cm Cooling Avena® foam top layer which has been brilliant over the last few weeks of the warm weather as it allows airflow throughout the top layer of the mattress. Pressure relieving memory foam is the sandwich of the Leesa which contours to your body whilst you sleep relieving any pressures and cradles you whilst being supportive. The bottom layer of the bed is 15cm of dense core support which adds strength and durability to anyone who sleeps on it. It’s ideal for people of any size (which is good news for me right now) and who sleep on their back, their front or their side.

Leesa sleep mattress

Leesa Sleep Mattress

How we’ve found the Leesa mattress

We’ve been sleeping on the Leesa mattress for well over a month now and I’m sold. It’s really comfortable and when I’ve had the luxury of sleeping for more than five hours through the night, I’ve slept well. I used to be such a deep sleeper and could sleep through my husbands snoring. These days with the boys, I’m a much lighter sleeper and can wake up at one of them coughing or sneezing! When Freddie has had a really good nights sleep, so have I. I haven’t woken up tossing and turning over, I’ve not been too hot and uncomfortable, it’s been a real treat to sleep on! For an exhausted Mama, getting a good nights sleep is essential and thankfully, when Freddie allows, I can sleep like a baby too!

Leesa sleep mattress

Leesa sleep mattress

Leesa sleep mattress

Leesa sleep mattress

Leesa have a 100 night risk-free trial meaning if you really don’t sleep like a baby on your own Leesa mattress, they’ll happily pick it up for you and refund your money. I can’t imagine you wouldn’t sleep well on it but it’s peace of mind and good to know if unfortunately you do.

Get £100 off your own Leesa mattress

The team at Leesa have kindly offered my readers a £100 discount off a Leesa mattress, just use the code MRSSHILTS at the checkout to claim your money off! You can find out more and buy your own Leesa mattress here.

Disclosure: We were sent the mattress in return for our honest review. All words and images are my own. This post includes an affiliate link which means if you purchase a mattress using the link provided, I’ll get a teeny monetary thank you in return. Thank you! 

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  • Reply Paula laing 14/08/2018 at 8:22 pm

    Is your mattress memory foam?. The reason i ask is that i cant have a memory foam mattress

    • Reply Emma 14/08/2018 at 9:47 pm

      It is a foam mattress yes!

  • Reply Nicola Howe 17/08/2018 at 10:02 pm

    Will it support someone of 20 stones and for how long ? I’m fed up of buying mattresses only for them to collapse and start making noise after a few months

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