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Being pregnant is a wonderful thing. You grow a baby for nine months and at the end, through blood, sweat and tears, you give birth to a beautiful baby. Your body goes through the most incredible change with its tidal wave of hormones, your hair gets thicker, your insides move around to make way for your ever growing little one and your bladder is tested to the max. Pregnancy can place a lot of stress on your pelvic floor muscles but there’s a non-invasive way to strengthen your them; thanks to Innovotherapy by INNOVO.


Innovotherapy, a non-invasive support

I’ve recently been introduced to Innovotherapy from INNOVO and it’s a non-invasive way to help treat a weak pelvic floor. Many women through pregnancy, natural birth and the menopause can end up with bladder weakness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’re all human and there’s help available. I didn’t have natural births with both of my boys. I had an emergency section with Olly, and an elective with Freddie. During Freddie’s pregnancy I experienced polyhydramnios which meant I was carrying excessive amniotic fluid. My tummy was large, swollen and it was very heavy to carry around so goodness knows the damage it did to my lower body organs!

With INNOVO, the Innovotherapy does the hard work for you. It doesn’t require you to insert anything anywhere, which is a bit of a relief, you wear the garment wraps around your upper thigh (available in different sizes to suit all – FYI I ordered large to suit size 20-22) and attach a hand-held device which allows you to control the stimulations to your pelvic floor muscles. I haven’t photographed myself in the garments, I’ll spare you that delightful vision but you can even watch the television whilst your pelvic floor muscles work out.

How it works?

The Innovotherapy is said to deliver 180 pain-free stimulations to the entire network of pelvic floor muscles in each treatment. I won’t lie, I didn’t like it. It felt uncomfortable to start with but I was advised to start off with the weaker stimulations and then build up their strength over time. You can control the intensity of the stimulations with the hand held device and after regular use, you’ll not find it uncomfortable. If you do, you need to readjust the pads on the garments and start from the weakess stimulations and progress from there.

There’s lot of support available (including YouTube videos) to help you make sure you’re wearing the garments properly that you’re using it correctly and that you’re benefiting from the stimulations. There’s even an app to download from iTunes and GooglePlay to track your progress and even remind yourself to sit down and get on with the Innovotherapy, very useful!

How did I find it?

As I said above, at first I was really daunted at the prospect of wearing the garments and hooking myself up to receive the stimulations. I think I was overthinking it and I really didn’t need to panic. It does take a bit of getting used too but after 2 or 3 sessions, it’ll become much more comfortable and you’ll be cranking up the intensity in no time.


Did it work?

I started off really well with good intentions and used the product for a couple of weeks, strapping on the garments five times a week. My boys then fell ill with chicken pox and they became my priority. When life settled back down I was able to re-start my Innovotherapy and so far, I’m pleased with the results. It has definitely helped with my mild bladder weakness and I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you want some help to restore the floor!

How long do I need to keep using it?

As with any muscle trainer, you need to keep up the good work. The Innovotherapy works best over a 12 week course of sessions, 5 days a week but once you’ve completed the course, you can keep up with the sessions 1-3 times a week as the need arises.

How much does it cost?

Innovotherapy from Innovo isn’t a cheap fix. It’s an investment but one that’s worth the money should you wish to improve your pelvic floor strength. The Innovo product costs £249 with a choice of sizes and there’s an option to pay monthly online.

You can find out more about Innovo and how innovotherapy can work for you from their website here

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was sent the Innovo product for the purposes of this review. All views and images are my own.

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