Hair Loss in Women: Causes and Treatment


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Although the problem of hair loss generally affects men, this can also be encountered in the case of women and even young women, a situation which has a negative impact on an emotional level, considering that, at a global level, having luxurious hair is a part of the beauty concept associated with women.

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It is important to know that all persons lose hair on a daily basis, but this is a normal aspect, as the hair tends to regenerate itself. On average, people tend to lose up to one hundred hairs a day, which are replaced by new hairs.

Causes of hair loss in women

In the case of women, hair loss is associated with several causes. One of the most common is the androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary condition. If a close member of the family (mother, grandmother) is dealing with this issue, there is a great chance that the condition will be passed on.

Another common situation that leads to hair loss in women is stress or any traumatic event that led to a high level of stress. This can affect the hair follicles, by making them to fall out at a faster pace than the normal rate.

Pregnancy can also provoke a high level of stress for the body of a woman in labour, and this is a very common situation but it is important to know that this is a temporary state, as the hair will grow back in a few months. Also, eating disorders can have a negative impact on the integrity of hair, due to the fact that it does not receive sufficient nutrients.

Women who tend to style their hair in an excessive manner also experience hair loss, so it is important to avoid using too often various styling devices, such as curling irons.

Treatment of hair loss in women

Depending on the nature of hair loss in a particular case, there are numerous options women can try, which can refer to improving their daily habits (drink plenty of water, increase the vitamine C intake, eat healthy meals, using various plants commonly known to reduce the hair loss, such as aloe vera), or taking special pills or treatments that can stop any further loss.

However, if these methods fail to provide a solid result, or the hair loss rate is increasing, women may also appeal to hair transplant surgeries, which are increasing in popularity due to their success rate and competitive prices, as it is the case of Turkey, a very popular destination for these types of medical procedures.

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