Fun things for you and the children to do this summer


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The school summer holidays are nearly here again and you might like a few of our suggestions for things to keep your children occupied this summer, so they, and you don’t end up going insane. 


Camping can be a great option because you do not actually need to go anywhere. You can camp with your children in your own back garden and they will have just as much fun as if you had travelled miles. If the weather turns bad, you can even camp indoors. Just throw a few sleeping bags on the floor and the whole family can join in.

You could let them have a friend or two round to camp outside with them, although with no adults you may find they want to come in in the early hours.

Theme Parks

Most people think of theme parks as a day trip, but you can stay in the grounds of some of them or you can use something like Premier Inn discount codes for a cheap place to stay and make a night of it. Doing that means you can have more time in the park without paying the entrance fee more than once, and if you use the Premier Inn Discount Codes, staying at the hotel will not cost a fortune either.


Have a cooking day with them. As long as they are making things they will want to eat, Olly loves making pizza or chocolate cake, they will really have fun with the cooking and the praise when everyone enjoys what they have made.

Pull Out The Old Board Games

Most kids have digital devices of some sort, but they can have great fun if you pull out the old board games or a pack of cards. Teaching them how to play games such as Monopoly and Game of Life can be educational for them, and often they will then go and find them on the smartphone or tablet.

By the same token, there are digital games that the whole family can play together as well. In fact, research shows that rather than digital devices pushing families apart, these digital games are bringing them closer together.

Pack A Picnic

Pack a picnic and go to the local park so they can run as wild as they like. Children will play for hours with a football or a bat and ball and you can just sit back and relax. Often the highlight is the picnic, because they love eating this way. If it happens to include something they made on a cooking day, that’s even better.

Look Out For Carnivals

One of the beauties of carnivals is there is no entrance fee to pay. You just stand along the street with everyone else and enjoy the procession as it goes past. There is usually a fair where the carnival ends, and food and drink stalls as well. But not everyone bothers to go that far, often the procession is all they stay for and then go somewhere else to eat as these stalls at the fair tend to be on the expensive side.

There are so many things you can do to have fun with your children in the summer. Some are free and some you will need to pay for, so work out a budget for days out and spread it over the weeks they have off, and most importantly, have fun!

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