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Scotland is a country with outstanding natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a weekend away or a well earned holiday full of relaxation and stunning views, there is so much to see and do here for everyone. But what if you want to see as much of Scotland as you possibly can? In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the best ways of getting around Scotland to ensure you see as much as possible in all its glory. With a little planning and knowledge, it’s possible to visit some of the awesome sites of the country – and take in its exceptional beauty while you are making your way from A to B – and maybe even to C. Let’s take a closer look at your best options.

By train

As long as you book in advance, train travel in Scotland can offer exceptional value. Some of the railways wind their way through some stunning places – the morning mists on the Scotrail sleeper on the West Highland Line are worth the fare alone, for example. It’s the same on the Glasgow to Oban trip – that early morning mist clinging to glens and mountains is just about the most Scottish thing you could ever see.

By car

Fancy a road trip? If so, Scotland is the place to give it a try. There are an incredible array of fantastic routes, and whether you want to check out the amazing mountain passes and forest trails or head coastwards to the sea roads, there is plenty for everyone. The new North Coast 500 is Scotland’s attempt to rival the USA’s Route 66 and is a perfect starting point for anyone visiting for the first time.

By camper van

According to Camper Compare, the Scottish Highlands are best seen by campervan, so why not pack up, fill up, and head north for an experience of a lifetime? The beauty of campervans is that you can just up sticks and leave whenever you fancy. There’s no need to book hotels and B&Bs – it’s just you, your vehicle, and the roads. As long as you have a bunch of up-to-date maps and a good GPS system, you will have an incredible time for as many nights as you can handle.

By bike

Of course, traveling by bicycle is going to restrict your distance by a significant amount, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on your bike in Scotland. There are some truly spellbinding routes to check out, from the Hebridean Way in the Outer Hebrides all the way down to the 4 Abbeys in the Borders – and a lot in between. Simply put, in a country where there are lochs, mountains, and glens in almost every direction, it’s impossible not to enjoy a biking expedition.

By bus and/or coach

Looking to see as much of Scotland as possible but are restricted by a small budget? If so, why not jump on a bus or a coach? Traveling between the major cities is incredibly cheap – particularly if you travel by Megabus and book as far ahead in advance as you possibly can. And bus travel beats driving by car because you have more time to take in the spectacular sights of Scotland. Again, a little planning is required, but for those of you who want to see as much of the landscape as you can, then bus passes and day tickets are certainly a great – and affordable – way of doing it.

By boat

When people discuss visiting Scotland they often talk of the lochs, glens and incredible landscapes – and rightly so, of course. However, don’t forget that Scotland is also home to some of the most striking coastlines on the planet. There are almost 800 different islands to explore – and only 130 of these actually have people living on them. So if you have some sea legs and really want to explore the country, get yourself on a boat. Expect wonderful views, healthy, fresh sea air, and awesome wildlife including basking sharks, whales, dolphins and eagles.

Scotland is much bigger than a lot of people expect, and it will take you time to see everything that the nation has to offer – and it’s a lot! And whether you want a city break of a more rural explorative adventure, your choice of how to get around will be crucial to your enjoyment. And with a little forward planning, it’s possible to get some incredible deals on the trains, boats, and buses to ensure you catch everything you wanted. Happy travels!

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