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Merifor cotbed mattress

As much as I’m in denial, Freddie is no longer a newborn and every day is a step closer to the day when he’ll be meeting more milestones; one of which is on the horizon. Freddie has been sleeping in a co-sleeping crib next to our bed since he was born but he’s rapidly growing out of it and he needs to go into his own cotbed across our room. The lovely folk at Merifor recently sent Freddie a new luxurious mattress for his new cotbed and whilst he’s not slept on it overnight yet, the daytime naps have been a dream! 

Having a safe sleeping environment for Freddie is essential and Merifor, through years of intrinsic design, testing and research have developed mattresses for babies and small children that are a safe sleeping environment for them. Since 1993, Merifor have become protectors of small children at bedtime. They offer reassurance to parents that their child is in the best possible hands of a night time using their designs, research and expertise.

Merifor cotbed mattress

Provides longevity

Freddie was sent a Merifor Tranquillity mattress in a size to fit a cotbed (140 x 70 x 10cm) and it fits his cotbed wonderfully. The Tranquillity mattress isn’t just a mattress, if you were able to take a look at a cross section of the mattress, you’d see it has a twin interior of foam and pocket springs so that the mattress can grow with your child. I think this is a wonderful feature and provides longevity to a nursery product that is essential. When the child reaches over 22lb you can flip the mattress over and it’ll provide additional stability with its micro pocket springs. At 20 weeks old, Freddie is approximately 14lb so I can see him using the foam side of the mattress for a number of months yet.

I don’t need to worry about whether the mattress is safe to use as Merifor have done all the researching, worrying and testing for me. The mattress has heat regulating fabric to prevent little ones getting over heated and uses unique Ellergenic® technology and Merifor Allergy Protection™ to fight harmful bacteria which may develop on the mattress.

Merifor cotbed mattress

Removable washable outer cover

One of the best features of the mattress from a Parents practicality point of view is that the Tranquillity mattress has a removable outer cover. This can be washed at 60°C to eliminate allergens and dust mites, as well as little accidents and incidents when children are ill. What’s even better, the mattress can still be used with the outer cover removed as there’s a sealed inner cover to protect the mattress core. I think this is a fantastic feature and perfect for in the middle of the night and you’re too sleepy to locate a clean set of sheets!

Merifor cotbed mattress

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating and with the mattress, it’s with the sleeping and if Freddie naps well and appears to be comfortable then I’m pleased. Freddie’s been napping throughout the day in his cotbed to get him used to the environment for when the time comes and so far so good. He’s even started rolling over on his mattress now which shows he’s comfortable to move around on it.

When Freddie’s napped on the mattress, we’ve covered it over with a bedsheet and he’s slept with a swaddle behind his head and a muslin draped round his face (both gifted from aden+anais) and I’ve kept a close eye on him throughout his nap. When he sleeps in his cotbed of a night, I’ll be ensuring that there’s nothing else in the cot with him and will remove the muslin once he’s fallen asleep.

When Freddie has napped on the bed, I’ve used a bedsheet and a muslin underneath as I didn’t want him to be sick on it // Freddie is sleeping on and with his Stars Muslin/Swaddle from aden+anais

We are really pleased with the Merifor Tranquillity mattress and (reluctantly) looking forward to seeing Freddie enjoy it over the next few months and years to come.

The Tranquillity mattress retails at £250 which is an excellent investment for a safe environment for our little ones to sleep. If you consider how much use the mattress is going to get over the next few years, it’s a steal!

You can find out more about Merifor and their excellent range of baby safe mattresses over on their website www.merifor.com

Disclosure: We were sent the above mattress in exchange for this review. All words and honest opinions are my own. 

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    What a gorgeous mattress – I think I’d quite like a snooze on there myself!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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