Making Your Breakfast The Key To Developing Stamina, Strength & Mental Willpower


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The foundation of a productive day is a healthy breakfast, and when you have children needing adequate fuel for their long school days, not to mention all the tasks you have to complete, it’s hardly surprising that breakfast needs to be the most important meal of the day. So, what are the key components of a healthy breakfast that the whole family can benefit from?


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Sufficient Protein

Protein, of course, is the building blocks of everything. If you need strength and stamina, mentally and physically, protein is your go-to source. Eggs, especially with a runny yolk, will give you a lovely dose of protein, but is also great for your brain, due to the healthy fats (more of which later). Having a decent amount of protein can be quite difficult to achieve, but if you can aim to get 30g of protein in every one of your three meals a day, this will satisfy the average person.

Moderate Caffeine

Caffeine has been shown to be extremely beneficial in a cognitive sense, but there is that difficulty in trying to find the right amount for you. If you have too much, you can end up feeling jittery, and have that inevitable caffeine slump. Part of the trick in finding the right amount of caffeine is the quality of the beans. You can look for the best coffee beans online for your specific budget, and find the specific strength that isn’t too overpowering. Remember, a lot of coffee can be like rocket fuel! Or, you can easily go for a cup of tea, this is beneficial if you got children that have just started to drink caffeine, and coffee is too much for them. If you feel a bit uneasy about giving your children caffeine, then don’t, but if they are overworking themselves, a weak cup of tea may benefit them.

A Healthy Amount Of Fat

Fat is the body’s preferred source of fuel, not carbohydrates. And we still make the mistake of thinking that all fat is bad. When in actual fact, all fat is not created equal. If you have a lot of work to do that requires supreme focus, you need to fill up on fat. Our brain is 60% fat, so it stands to reason that it will help us. But the big mistake people make is overloading on fat, as well as carbohydrates. The benefits of a high-fat low carb diet are making the rounds a lot, and one of the pleasant side effects is losing weight, but because you will be filling up on fat, you will feel more energised. It may take a while to get to the point where your body burns fat for fuel, known as ketosis, but when you tap into your body’s natural energy stores, instead of carbohydrates, you may very well never go back to bread!

See? It’s not rocket science. In order to feel our bodies adequately to tackle what we have ahead of us, we need to have a breakfast that gives us stamina, strength, and mental willpower to cope with what life throws at us.

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