Life lessons my Dad has taught me

Dad collage 2018

This Sunday it’s Father’s Day here in the UK. A day for us to say ‘thank you’ to the Fathers, Dads, Step-Dads and ‘just like a Dad’s out there for all their love, support and encouragement throughout life. I have been very lucky in the Dad department and mine is one of the most honest and hard-working blokes you’ll find. He’s one of a kind and has been there for me and all my boys over the years. In honour of my Dad this years Father’s Day, here’s some life lessons that he has taught me; 

Dad collage 2018

How to make a decent mug of tea

If you go round to my Mom and Dad’s house, the kettle will probably have just boiled. My Dad is chief cup of tea maker and has been known to make the best cuppa in the Midlands! Boil the kettle, pop in the tea bag, add the sugar (or sweetener), leave it for a few minutes, take the tea bag out and add the milk. Stir and enjoy! I’m not sure how he does it, but my Dad does make the best tea!

If you’re feeling cold, put a jumper on

Living at home with my parents in the 90’s (I feel so old!) obviously I had no ties. I was young, care free and didn’t really consider that me putting the heating on in a large-ish detached house in the middle of the day would do much damage. I’d be toasty right? Well, cue the gas bill and a stern word or two from my Dad and a life lesson learned. If it’s cold and you’re home alone, put a jumper on and move about. You’ll soon warm up and you won’t have to find a small fortune for the gas bill.

An honest days work never killed anyone..yet!

My Dad is a trooper. He’s such a hard working man. He’s one of the best Air Conditioning Engineers that you’ll find in the Midlands and what he doesn’t know about the road network across the UK probably isn’t worth knowing. He’ll always be able to tell you how to get from A to B or which motorway to avoid and can tell you many a story about the rats in London when he’s stayed in digs when he’s been working away!

My Dad has taught me to work hard. If there’s something that needs doing, Dad can do it and does it well. He’s definitely one of lifes ‘if you need something doing, ask Dad to help‘ kind of guys. He does work far too hard, his employers don’t appreciate him half as much as they should and he’ll always get the job done. If he’s said he’ll do it, he’ll do it, even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn and driving to London for 4 hours, working a full day carrying tools and air con equipment on the tube and driving back, he’ll do it.  Even after major heart surgery and months recuperating, he doesn’t sit still. He’s a good egg!

Be loyal

Both my Dad and I support West Bromwich Albion. A football team that have been relegated and promoted more times than I care to remember; that have bought tears of despair (mine, not my Dads) and have given us some fantastic highs but when the tough gets going, you need to stay loyal and stick with your team.  My Dad used to take me to watch the football with my Grandad and it was brilliant. I loved going to The Hawthorns to watch our team. If I was lucky, I’d even get a cup of tea at half time! Once a Baggie, always a Baggie, even if it hurts!

Thank you Dad

So, thank you Dad for being you. You’ve always known how to wind me up and I’m sure you’ve passed on your sarcasm trait, it’s definitely a Cooper thing! You’ve been there to collect me from uni (100 miles away) when I’ve decided on a whim to come home at night and you’ve put my shelves and curtain poles up in my marital home so they don’t fall down.

Thank you for being a fantastic Dad and a wonderful Grandad to my boys, we love you so very much!

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