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Many of us with sight problems can spend a fortune on corrective vision. There’s an array of frames and lenses to consider but here are a few ways that you can spend less on specs; 


Shop online

Unless you’re getting an eye test and want your prescription confirmed, you should avoid high street opticians. Buying glasses online is often much cheaper. Not only that, but you have a greater range of frames to choose from. This is certainly the case when it comes to designer pairs, which online sites often have great promotions on if you happen to shop at the right time of the year. If you’re simply looking for a basic pair, it’s likely you’ll find cheap deals online and at your local optician branch (even supermarkets sell basic reading glasses nowadays at a cheap price). It’s also worth shopping for coupons online.

Bulk order contact lenses

If you wear daily contact lenses, don’t just buy a single box each time you run out. Buying contact lenses in bulk every few months can work out much cheaper as many opticians have deals for six packs of daily contact lenses. You can even get these delivered to your home. Switching from daily lenses to re-usable lenses could be another way of saving money, although some people prefer the added comfort of dailies.

Keep your old lenses/frames

In some cases, you may be able to save money by keeping your old lenses or frames. If your prescription has changed and you still like your old frames, why not simply get new lenses fitted into your existing frames? Similarly, if you no longer like your frames but are still the same prescription, why not get your current lenses fitted into a new pair? In both cases, you’ll save money by doing this.


Make use of membership discounts

It’s possible to get discounts on corrective eyewear by joining certain membership clubs such as local business groups and trade unions. On top of discounts on glasses, there may be other things that you can save money on such as dental work, car repairs or even chiropractic work. These discounts are likely to only be with certain optician companies, however are likely to still save you a lot of money.

Use your glasses case

If you’re prone to damaging your glasses, a simple way of saving costs could be to start using your case more often. The vast majority of repairs are the result of glasses being sat or stepped on because they weren’t kept in their case. Many opticians give out glasses cases free with every pair – if you need a new case, simply visit your opticians and ask them for one. You can even buy special robust glasses cases as an investment if you think an ordinary case isn’t enough.   

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