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Do you want to look slimmer overnight? With a few adjustments to your wardrobe, you could help to improve your figure. It’s all about drawing attention away from the curves you’re not too comfortable with and focusing attention on the curves you love instead. Here are some ideas for dressing slimmer so that you can feel more body confident; 


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Choose block colours over patterns

In most cases when trying to look slimmer, you should choose block colours over patterns. This is because patterns highlight every contour of your body shape whilst block colours make everything look more even. Black is the traditional slimming colour and is always effective. Red is also great if you want a more confident and sexy look. Occasionally, you can get away with patterns – polka dots and downward stripes can look fantastic on most plus-size bodies. It is mainly wild patterns such as floral designs that you should be wary of – if you want to get your flower power on, you’re best sticking to accessories or using layers over the top such a block colour cardigan on a floral dress.

Consider high waisted clothing

High waisted jeans and sun dresses can help to disguise a round waist by making it appear as if you’re waist is higher up (just below your bust) – this creates an hourglass illusion on apple shaped bodies. High rise jeans in particular can help to hide the dreaded muffin top. Such clothing is now very popular and can be found at sites such as ASOS.

Wear shirts that create the illusion of a lower waist

The alternative option is to wear longer shirts that drop below your waist – these help to similarly hide your waist by making it appear lower. This is a harder look to pull off than the high waist and may be better suited for those with longer pear-shaped bodies.

Opt for a wide belt

When it comes to belts, don’t assume a skinny belt will make you appear skinny. Wide belts are actually better at slimming your figure. These can be particularly effective when worn high with high rise jeans or a high-waisted dress. You can find plenty of stylish wide belts online for an affordable price.

Use illusion panels

Illusion panels are one of the latest trends in plus-size clothing. They help create the illusion that you’re revealing skin when in fact you’re not. This can help to spice up a prom dress and these designs at Simply Me show. They can even be used to incorporate a plunging neckline or cut-outs whilst preserving a sense of classiness by not actually showing any skin.

Layer darker colours under lighter ones

You can also use layering creatively to achieve a slimming effect. The best way to do this is to place lighter colours on top of darker colours (black being the best suited colour). The darker colours can hide the contours of your body whilst the lighter layers on top can help to accentuate your best features.

Wear a bra with full coverage

When it comes to underwear and swimwear, getting the right size is important. Those with a large bust should steer clear of skimpy and close-fitting bras. A cup size too small could result in bulging over the top, which isn’t a good look. When it doubt go for the bigger size and cover as much of the breasts up at possible – it will emphasise your assets without looking sloppy. Those with smaller busts should consider patterned bras that can help add volume.

Try wearing shapewear

Shapewear is the easy way to bring in your figure by flattening out the lumps and emphasising the curves. There are many kinds of shapewear on the market for all kinds of body shapes that could be worth trying out. You can expect some discomfort when wearing shapewear and it’s probably not something you want to be wearing every day just so that you can let your body breath. However, for those special night out when you want to feel special, shapewear is your secret weapon for helping to accentuate those curves.

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